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  • sybil.dribble sybil.dribble Jun 5, 2012 1:41 PM Flag

    Notice The Particular Language The Board Trolls Use?

    Notice how our board trolls here are always talking g@y? Nasty AIDS and STD ridden g@y stuff too. I don't think their use of that is lost on the other posters here. Notice they're always talking about their 'joint' their 'gape', all the smeg on their faces, and worse. Notice how they cling together in a 'circle jerk' of jerks?

    It's truly truly disgusting! I bet you agree with me that everything bad coming there way is truly truly deserved. Nothing could be awful enough in their lives that they don't deserve it totally. Fun to witness a well earned demise. It clearly shows a manipulated stock. I'm not thinking many are fooled here. I'm certain no one even reads the tittering troll g@y based sickness.

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    • Hay my dribble noting free speech poster child, are you using your free speech today to point out the obviously g@y roots of The Gang Of Board Troll Coward's free speech poster war, and out their sullied free speech poster child ways by exposing, and laughing at, their obvious tell in their free speech? Because Mister you would be right! Always.

    • Why does he want to be anyone but himself?

    • You failed the test. You are now a serious threat to bozo as this board Village Idiot.



    • Nice public slappings of the sullied S.D!

      I have too many investments to manage today than to cater to the fools who keep begging to see John Osborne, ebay's failing z50com's, ongoing crime scene of drug growing, drug abusing, meth huffing, extreme child and grand child neglect at 5008 Hanover Circle Cypress CA 90630 posted.

      I can't understand why his 'pals' hate John so much but I made a promise and I keep my word, unlike John and the sullied twins.

    • I "didn't see it" in that your ignorant post makes no sense.

      Let me point out that all you seem to live for is furthering John Osborne's failed board war claiming "everyone is all one poster".

      Let me also point out that you're ignorant dribbling only sullied your loser self and no one cares dude-ette. Next time, try living a life.

    • "No I didn't see that"

      Let me point it out to you. Check out the thread below. Pay close attention to the author of trhe first post at 1:13 pm by Charles' "johnosborne.toolfool" id. They I replied, and Charles replied to my post at 1:29 with his "sullyinmass.2012" id. Even a moron like you can see Charles' MAJOR blunder.

      See if you can find it. This is a test to see how smart you are.


      Re: Lonely, But Not So Broke Lisa Bernstein 21-May-2012 1:13 pm by johnosborne.toolfool

      Do you frequently call out in anger to posters who left before you supposedly arrived? No one is fooled Sybil. We all got a sample of your deep sickness regarding Lisa. Why didn't you just post that in your sick Smolderingmary ID?

      All you and your but lick twin can ever accomplish here is your endless circular daily spamming hate and getting John Osborne z50com's ongoing crime scene drug growing, drug abusing and rampant child neglect hovel at 5008 Hanover Circle Cypress CA 90630 up on the web.

      Don't worry, your Mommy's house is also coming soon.


      Re: Lonely, But Not So Broke Lisa Bernstein 21-May-2012 1:25 pm
      by sullyinmass2012

      "Why didn't you just post that in your sick Smolderingmary ID?"


      You have me confused with someone else. I've never posted as that id. Provide the link to where I allegedly did to back up your accusation. Otherwise, once again you've been proved a liar.




      Re: Lonely, But Not So Broke Lisa Bernstein 21-May-2012 1:29 pm by sullyinmass.2012

      That's not my name imposter moron, but we have all seen your many ID slips posting as Smolderingmary. That and your recent psycho posts are evidence enough of your Profiles In Cowardice.



    • Hey my free speech poster child, are you using your free speech today to say you have the right, nay the duty, to point out the rampant g@y based filth of our board melters free speech, and shame them publicly with your free speech thinking they will ever grow up? Because Mister you would be wrong.

    • No I didn't see that Smolderingmary Sullied. I don't think anyone else (except you board troll 3 Stooges) see that either. It only matters in your "everyone is all one poster" insanity, where you try to blame a long gone poster for your daily hate, spam and flatulence.

      John Osborne the Tool Fool wasted a decade playing that failed game, at the cost of his business, home and family. How long will YOU waste? Not that your whole life isn't a waste anyone. You have never said, done, or amounted to one tiny little thing. Yet you live here 247 daily. LOL!

    • "I'm making great investments and outing and destroying board trolls"

      Did you see how I outed Charles two weeks ago when he made a MAJOR blunder, when he forgot to switch ids while posting as sullyinmass.2012 & johnosborne.toolfool? Oh wait, he outed himself by doing so.



    • Agreed. Their own words give much insight into what drives their daily ongoing sickness. It is very revealing about them. Very. I don't think anyone ever really reads their posts. The fact they are here 247 every day further confirms their loser nature. Ebay loves these clowns since the chatter fleeces newbie investors. Going to be extra fun if any of these clowns are traced to ebay.

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