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  • lisasbacknforth lisasbacknforth Jun 15, 2012 1:11 AM Flag

    hello ebay board!

    hi there, how is everybody doing? anybody seen charlie lately?

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    • Straight confident people don't worry about obviously ho mo sex ual loser's projection and sullied babbling. It doesn't take a Freudian genius to see the reason you and the board trolls act like you do.

      We all see where you are on a Saturday night. Did it hurt sitting on your thumbs all that time waiting so as not to instantly respond?

    • "Our crack team is here"

      I'm a marijuana man myself!

      To each his own. . .

    • well, well, well....i see everybody is in good form. Where's john? i havent seen him. Mad: i am a bit worried about are starting to ring a little like charlie....Moose: whatever. Elike? I am not convinced that you are here...Fly, some things never change. (thats a good thing!)Charlie: i missed you the most! Your charm is unmatched. I would like to meet you some day. Maybe have a cup of decaf with you!

    • I noticed that you didn't deny being gay. Interesting.



    • "[You're] talkin' to the Sullied in the mirror... hoping she will change her ways.... it couldn't get any clearer..."

      Talking about what you are and the way you and your pals act does make someone be like you. Board troll projection 101. Our crack team is here to laugh out loud at everyone of your crack headed instant responses.

      Even on Saturday. "Analyze" that on for size Sullied Girl.

    • Are you gay? Evvery one of your posts references backside and anal licking.

      Have you come out of the closet yet?



    • Poor Sullied Taint. You DO realize "analized" does not mean what every ID here, including your public tongue licker, does to your sullied backside each and every day of your sad miserable existence. LOL!

      As long as people see you and John's ten posts to every one of theirs you will remain a sullied tainted liar and ongoing board troll. Does it make you any money? Doubtful. But you have nothing else. Nothing. At least John might get a road trip in his American made Molotov cocktail.

    • "ten + posts per page, every page, jabber monkey useless idiot sock puppet"

      I'm impressed. You analyzed yourself perfectly.



    • Poor upset taint, don't get your taint all in a twist so very early on a Saturday. Even the worse illiterate can see the difference between a 247, ten + posts per page, every page, jabber monkey useless idiot sock puppet like your tainted loser self, and a man who posts what (?) once a week? Twice? Or someone like myself that dumps on you a time or two a day, maybe. When I'm bored.

      It doesn't take a genius or professor to see the root cause of your Tool Fool Seichiro like daily hatred and jabbering. You're an all day and night sucker who simply has no life at all and you worry that the professor has pals. That's kept you fools going daily 247 for 11 long years! Chained to your own misery. Enjoy! You're here for our profit and amusement only. Otherwise, trash like you would be on the curb.

    • Boy, are you easy. You fall for it every single time. What an idiot!



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