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  • johns_joint johns_joint Jun 20, 2012 9:04 PM Flag

    Ebay will Open at $43 on the Way to $44

    Tomorrow will be another GREAT day. . .

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    • "You know exactly what you and your gang are trying to do John"

      What in the world are you talking about?

      If the guy never existed then what's your PROBLEM???

      Who here needs to grow up and I don't mean in size!!!

    • You know exactly what you and your gang are trying to do John. No need to explain it. We've said exactly what our team will do, so no need to cry about getting all of the same stuff you long ago started. The only plan for your bunch is to grow up.

      PS: Why do you and your pals patter day and night for years over a man if you are not g @ y l y obsessed and a danger to your family, community and society? Any regular folk would be long ago be bored.

    • Let me get this straight

      You're all up in arms over a name posted here that isn't even yours

      Does that make any sense?

    • I call myself a coroner and publicly tell someone that they're going to catch it! Please tell the prison commissary I like my whine in a box. Whaaa Whaaa!

    • Blah blah blah Flything. You losers got nothing you haven't donme to others first. No one fell into your trap but you. No one has wrecked this board but you and yours. Anytime any of you want to be a grown up, give it a try. One board troll at a time is going to be removed from this board. Don't care if you don't like it. You're a pansy and a punk. Your whole gang is.

    • I did not make a threat, but you just did. You fell for my trap like you fall for everyone's, but this one is a little more serious. I am coroner for a board not for people. Now show me what you are made of and post MY address, not somebody else's.

    • Don't make public threats and call yourself cornoner Flything, unless you want a visit from one. It's not healthy for you as you're quite publicly known and witnessed.

      No one prevents anyone from posting here, but if you and your little gang want to gang stalk a name, you hang yourselves out to dry. All you've ever gotten in return is everything you and your pals have already done.

      So far, you're eager to sacrifrice your "friend" John. Anytime you punk pansy babies want to end your little gang stalking games you could go back to that illiterate hate scribble you call "prose".

    • Someday your reign of idiocy on this board is going to cause you real practical trouble in your life if it hasn't already. I don't know when and I don't know how, but I know it will. Suppose you stopped dedicating your whole life to preventing people from posting peacefully on this board. You are tormenting yourself and only yourself. Go ahead, print that address one more time. You owe it to your sense of dedication.

    • No such poster here anymore (and when HE was HE was using a fake made up for ebay only name) but you're right in the fact that the g @ y obsessed teenagers only post their ugly filth and sickness because their guilt makes them want to see John Osborne's, ebay's failing z50com's ongoing crime scene dope growingh hovel at 5008 Hanover Circle Cypress CA 90630 posted. Looks like you do too! I hope that helped you, seriously I do.

    • As if both people who care couldn't already tell. The board belongs to Charles. Your only purpose here is to give him an excuse to post his foul-mouthed pre-teenage rants five times with four different IDs every time you post.

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