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  • ebay_airline ebay_airline Jun 25, 2012 11:26 AM Flag

    Probably No NARU's On A Stock Board Sad Sack

    There are probably no NARU's on a stock board, especially one filled with so many obviously flamingly g @ y dentists, coroners and sullieds. There maybe are a few ebay sellers, among the few people who know what NARU means. I doubt there are any who have 3 thriving web sites and two incredibly profitable ebay sites like mine, driving the traffic to my web sites and making me rich beyond my dreams. Some ebay sellers make daily money and fly high while others live here 247 in a tail spin.

    Which airline will YOU be flying today? The one not headed into the ground I hope.

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    • I see your incredibly intelligent posts have caused two of our worse posters to spew hate and melt like the crazy meat puppets they are. Well done my son. Pull the dribble out of them the way Satan will render their bones. I see it's doing the chart good today. It always is nice to drag melters behind trucks. Good for us. Good for them.

    • "Some ebay sellers make daily money and fly high"

      When did you change your name to "some"? ~ LOL

      No one believes you still sell on Ebay!

      Don't you remember saying you HATED EBAY! ! !

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