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  • sharpeyeddude sharpeyeddude Jul 28, 2012 11:32 PM Flag

    romney deducted $77,000 for horse care in 2010

    for his HORSE??? At a time when 90% of American working families are struggling to receive healthcare, pay for life sustaining medications, food, transportation back and forth to work & skyrocketing utility cost, the romney's received a $77,000 tax credit for their horse?! Talk about WELFARE for the rich!? The American people should be outraged with the "rigged"(from the bottom up) wealth transfer that has occurred during the past 30 years. According to forbes, "If you’re making more than $50,000, you’re in the top 44% of Americans." which means 56% of Americans earn less than $50K which is $22K LESS than the romney's $77K tax deduction for their HORSE??!! C'mon people! GET REAL! This is total BS & EVERYONE knows it.

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    • Sorry! Our poor Johnie Osborne, ebay's failing z50com, sees His Master in every poster! That's just how powerful His Master is! Johnie finally got one thing truthful about His Master: Big Hands. Huge Hands! Hands that pass out info and casg to make sure Johnie and his circle jerking Sybils keep their panties twisted to wreck themselves.

      Carry on with that return of the intelligent discourse people. Ignore the Sullied Sybil Triplets of our Board Gang Of Coward Trolls. Enjoy!

    • Your post (and hate) makes no sense to me. You have no business being in any intelligent discourse. Crawl away little boy. Crawl away.

    • "Why do we alone in the USA drink our own misguided kool-aid?"

      Didn't YOU move to Italy or something?

      Why in the world would YOU love doing business with China?

      Those cheap watchbands never sold. . .

    • Technically, the Soviets are not on their knees, and those nukes are all online and all pointed as us, while billions a year are spent on those 100s of our bases slowly encircling them. They really aren't stupid enough not to see that and that's why Putin's back. Look at any TV or films from over there, bad as things got under the oligarchs, they actually live better than most of our citizens presently. We were supposed to be the good guys, but we took their place in Afghanistan, and do horrible things around the world. Meanwhile, they're rebuilding and everyone everywhere loves doing proper business with China. Why do we alone in the USA drink our own misguided kool-aid?

    • Good morning Agqut, that was a very good and very accurate post. I've been hard on you in the past and realize you see this issue far more accurately then I' thought. The Reagan debt never really went away and has been sitting there compounding, along with the massive GW Bush debt increases and frankly, Obama's.

      We've been at war in the third world since Reagan too and that's never ended, all built by debt as well. We still borrow billions a day from China to keep the lights on in DC yet it seems still too dark there to see the obvious, because all kidding aside, government work, and government office, is the biggest "entitlement" program of all.

      We already have a twisted form of communism in the USA, where State gets everything but at the expense of the people, to benefit itself, and the huge corporations. Large banks live on the debt the little people only have to pay, trying to keep their businesses open, trying to jump through all the laws and loopholes, while government subsidizes all investment and tax dodging off shore.

    • All that Reagan spending brought the Soviet Union to its knees.....socially and militarily. It was the official ending of the cold war since the 60's. It all happened on Reagan's watch. Remember star wars.....and the Tear down that wall directive.
      It was a big sigh of relief to see the nuclear threat diminished and a major push for nuclear reduction.
      That spending bought some big changes. When it came to foreign policy the whole world listened.
      We recovered economically from Ron's don't tie him to what we have going on today. The albatross belongs to Bush and Obama.

    • "In fact, there hasn't been a presidential candidate I've wanted in office since Reagan."
      Respectfully, it was Reagan the began the modern era of borrowing.
      The US came out of World War Two a creditor nation until Reagan took office, under Reagan the US went from the world's largest creditor nation to the world's largest debtor nation. Read up on it, even Reagan himself described it as the biggest failing of his presidency.

      It was Reagan that started us on the journey to the 16 trillion national debt hanging like an albatross around our collective necks.

      Sorry, I know Reagan has this teflon like shield about his history, Nancy Reagan did a superb job "managing" Reagan's legacy. So good a job even Jug Ears believes it.

    • <<<" I didn't appreciate Clinton until Bush came along.">>>

      Minus the cigar part.

    • I think we lost Sharpey. LOL.

      If you think I love Romney you would be wrong. In fact, there hasn't been a presidential candidate I've wanted in office since Reagan. I was barely old enough to vote but loved his love of this country which couldn't have come at a better time after Carter. I've always considered my views to be somewhere in the middle leaning right but Obama has pushed me into right mode like no other. He is taking away our freedoms and leading this country into bankruptcy. He scares the carp out of me. He has spent 5 trillion dollars in 3 1/2 years and has nothing to show for it. (Unemployment is worse and the economy is no better. What happened to all that change?) That's what Bush spent in his entire 8 years in office which included one of the two most ridiculous wars of all time. I didn't appreciate Clinton until Bush came along. I'm going to post this now cause a thunderstorm is coming and it might shut down my computer. I'll finish later. Note to Sybil: I did not proof read.

    • Alpha, I am taken. Taken aback!

      Sorry to disappoint you but I have the hots for Agqut. Agqut makes me hillbilly high! I always dreamed of endless biotching, a weathered picket fence, 2.5 sheep and a beautiful field of crab grass! Neighbors hide and blissful privacy is only a cornfield away! Somebody’s got to take care of the pet cemetery!!! Homemade Country Quencher is a proposal away! My dear friends on this here beloved board of mine, you are all invited!

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