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  • stoptheinsanity2000 stoptheinsanity2000 Jul 29, 2012 12:44 AM Flag

    CHARGEBACK UPDATE: "It was mistake"...............

    Our customer responded to our e-mail after 3 days and told us the charge-back was a mistake. Apparently the customer's family member saw the charge on their credit card and filed the claim not realizing our customer had indeed placed the order. Well, I guess that's the good news, the BAD NEWS is the charge back is still on our Paypal account and our sales FELL OFF A CLIFF since the charge back. We had FOUR sales last week, we typically get 100/week......So let's see we (a POWER SELLER with over 10000 FB score) had our money taken out of our account and apparently our PAID FOR listings were given less exposure because a customer's family member made a mistake. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE AND NEEDS TO BE FIXED IMMEDIATELY!

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    • If you are relying on eBay as a business partner you are deluding yourself.
      eBay despises sellers and probably always will.

      I knew the moment the "drive-by shooting rating' DSR system was announced that eBay and I would be parting ways. I paid eBay over $1000.00 a month in fees back then (that's before the enormous fee increases in the interim) and received zero support from eBay.
      I still "sell" on eBay mostly big ticket items that don't have a local market, items are overpriced by 20% to accommodate the certain eBay risk. The potential buyer is encouraged to telephone by which most sales occur off eBay.
      Basically I employed a method to use eBay instead of eBay using me.

      The risk:
      A buyer purchased a $4000.00 piece of equipment from me, it cost $700.00 freight. The buyer filed a dispute stating the item was not as described.
      PayPal reversed the transaction, $4700.00 gone.
      The buyer ships the item back, it arrives with the expensive components removed and replaced with the buyer's broken junk parts.
      Now I got a worthless machine that can't be sold and plus I am out the freight cost, just to fix the buyer's machine.
      What did PayPal say when I advised them of the scam? You can't prove what you say and sellers tell the same sad story all the time. Open a lawsuit if you think you have a case, essentially PayPal told me to go pound sand.

    • Your "mnistake" was falling for my trap, hook line and sinker all day sucker. Your second mistake was lying as an ebay seller and expert when you sullied all over Stopinsanity's serious concerns.

      You give away the stables by being a horse's @ss but we all know you're not an investor or an ebay seller. Just a sullied spamming puker.



    • No one cares dude.


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