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  • ebayalphamale ebayalphamale Aug 16, 2012 11:27 AM Flag

    Interesting Extreme Right Wing Doubts On Ryan

    Paul Ryan: Read the Warning Label
    By Devvy Kidd

    "The problem with those who think Paul Ryan has solutions is they don't even know the how the problem got started and neither do reporters or journalists..."

    "Paul Ryan's budget is another Band Aid because he, like Romney, either don't seem to understand the problem with fiat currency..."

    "Paul Ryan did not support Ron Paul's critical bill in 2007 - H.R.2755 - Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act..."

    "Paul Ryan's budget does not eliminate a single unconstitutional cabinet (Department of Education, EPA, HHS, SBA and hundreds of agencies like USAID), illegal spending for foreign aid, payments to the International Monetary Fund and other foreign entanglements. "Smaller government" is nothing but a slogan to keep the party's base and entice independents who are so desperate, they will support their own destruction..."

    "I'm sorry to say that conservatives who support the "comeback team" are supporting the continued destruction of this republic."

    "(Ryan) Voted to create the Department of (Fatherland) Homeland Security which includes the TSA molestation administration. Last December he voted for the National Defense Authorization Act, one I misjudged as not so dangerous, but later learned is no different than the old Soviet Union with their gulags. Ryan voted against an amendment to remove the provisions that allows for American citizens to be picked up on U.S. soil and held indefinitely without charges being filed.

    Voted YES on extending the PATRIOT Act's roving wiretaps
    Voted NO on requiring FISA warrants for wiretaps in US, but not abroad
    Voted YES on allowing electronic surveillance without a warrant
    Voted YES on continuing intelligence gathering without civil oversight
    Voted YES on federalizing rules for driver licenses to hinder terrorists

    Ryan's reputation as someone who is gung ho for "smaller government" is shattered by his voting record:

    Voted YES on $192B additional anti-recession stimulus spending
    Voted YES on the TARP bailouts
    Voted YES on $15B bailout for GM and Chrysler
    Watch TARP Republican Paul Ryan Begging Congress To Vote For The Bailout (short video)
    Voted YES on providing $70 million for Section 8 Housing vouchers
    Voted YES on extending unemployment benefits from 39 weeks to 59 weeks
    Voted YES on Head Start Act..."

    "Supports the vile World Trade Organization
    Voted YES on promoting free trade with Peru
    Voted YES on implementing CAFTA, Central America Free Trade
    Voted YES on implementing US-Australia Free Trade Agreement
    Voted YES on implementing US-Singapore free trade agreement
    Voted YES on implementing free trade agreement with Chile
    Voted NO on withdrawing from the WTO

    He voted NO on reporting illegal aliens who receive hospital treatment..."

    "Like Romney, Paul Ryan is a firm supporter of America invading non threatening countries and punishing their populations. War is business and business has boomed for over a decade thanks to "conservatives" like Paul Ryan:

    Voted NO on removing US armed forces from Afghanistan
    Voted NO on investigating Bush impeachment for lying about Iraq
    Voted NO on redeploying US troops out of Iraq starting in 90 days
    Voted YES on declaring Iraq part of War on Terror with no exit date
    Voted YES on approving removal of Saddam & valiant service of US troops
    Voted YES on authorizing military force in Iraq
    Strengthen sanctions on Syria & assist democratic transition
    No contact & enforce sanctions on Iran until threat is gone
    Boycott & sanctions against Iran for terrorism & nukes..."

    "You can vote for the "comeback team," but don't expect anything to change except the deck chairs on the Titanic..."

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    • Republican Vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan made a claim in a radio show last week that he once ran a marathon in "under three, high two. I had a two hour 50 something."

      "Runner's World" magazine decided to check out the claim and scoured through the times of the Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, Minn., the only marathon the candidate has run, back when he was 20.

      Results show that Ryan's actual time was four hours, one minute 25 seconds.

      Had his original estimate been true, Ryan would have been the fastest marathoner ever to run for the White House. Sarah Palin, GWB, and John Edwards have all bested Ryan's actual 4:01:25 time.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Voters need to ask who Ryan represents. It is people who make a million dollars a year or more. Everything he says is intended to produce policy that benefits them, and which hurts working people. Millionaires don’t like having to pay for government-provided infrastructure, or health care for workers, and don’t like having to put up with unions. The rest of us like driving on roads without potholes, over bridges that don’t fall down, and not being bankrupted when we need an operation.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Sure em glad you were not correcting my sixth grade school work!

    • None of your insults touch me because your every remark shows I won the debate and you're hurrying to your cold lonely grave. Will your hate keep you warm there?

      Anyways, back to intelligent discourse for those who are intelligently capable of it.

    • Analman -- So indicative of your emptiass personality, you can't even take a joke.

      I was certain a pussie like you was never in the military.

    • Your insults can't touch me because everyone sees you're a grouchy old hateful thing that's far outlived its usefulness in this world. You just show you lost the debate since you can't argue to its merits, you only throw out idiocy and hate like "Joint".

    • Dear Analfabeticmale,

      I remember talking to your parents.

      They told me if they had believed there was the very slightest chance you could have turned out right -- they would have fixed the rocks in your head.

    • Since Obama's been in office housing prices have dropped over 50%

      Please re-elect Obama again.

      We're looking for a new house and have ALL CASH this time

      Obama's a shoe in for lower prices ~ hahahahaha

      I win either way!

    • I like it that people want to run with my headlines and keep them alive but the low level of intelligent discourse here is saddening. So far in this thread we've "learned""

      Lightning forest fires cause more pollution than the history of humans. Wrong.

      Talk of global climate change just yields a bunch of fart jokes. Laugh if you're not in a major drought, a wall of tornadoes, tsunamis, or other fun increasing mega storms.

      CO2 levels rising is no concern, but work hard to get to Mars. Not going to happen.

      Obama is the worse President. Wrong. Bush Junior will always be.

      Obama ran up all the debt. Wrong. Reagan started it. Bush Jr. sent it through the roof.

      And Romney creates jobs? Yeah, in China.

    • Agqut. Interesting post. My guess is that you are either approaching my age or are a very good student. People under the age of 30 usually don’t know many specifics of WW II and know little about Douglas MacArthur.

      BTW, I don’t know if you actually have any attachment to Pittsburgh (e.g. resident, former resident, etc.) I went to school in Pittsburgh. I love the city. It is again transforming itself.

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