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  • ewike.ebait ewike.ebait Aug 20, 2012 6:22 PM Flag

    I sew mad

    Tha frunt of my favrit librall magazine Newsweak saided dis month dat Burrock Whosane Ohbombya need to hit tha rode an dat we need a knew prezzydint! Den thay putted a big pitcher of him on tha frunt cover dat makes him wook evil. Wat dis hear whirld cumming to wen tha librall medeia due knot evin wike him eny moore? Den a knew book cummed out dat saided wen my bewuved prezzydint Burrock Whosane Ohbombya wuz a fat insest pervert wen he wuz a widdle kid living in Indoekneesha dat peeped at his cuzzins wen thay tooked a bath. Dey maked it sound wike dat a bad ting! Hoo dont due dat? I peepin at Maw rite now. Tha book seys all kinds of odder stuff dat thay digged up. All sew Burrock Whosane Ohbombya gittin slack fur runnin a negatiff campain. Duh! He can knot exactlee run on his record. Wat day expeck? I wiked tha negatiff durt about wen Romknee wuz meen to sumbuddy in grade skoll but now I fined out dat Burrock Whosane Ohbombya braked sumbuddys arm wen he wuz a fat cubby kid. We kneed to fine out moore stuff about Romknee wen he wuz a widdle boy an spreed it all aroun! ok by. emale me

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