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  • midnite.oasis midnite.oasis Aug 21, 2012 11:08 AM Flag

    Obama is too frickin funny!

    For the 3rd month in a row Obama has spent more in its campaign than it has raised. I literally LOL at the irony! He currently owes his campaign almost 3 mill. He does love to add to debt. He must think he can just go print some money for his personal use with the shrug of a shoulder.

    He raised 49 mill in July this year. This time 4 yrs ago he raised 746 mill. OUCH!

    It's no wonder his ads sound so desperate. He has to milk them for what they're worth (or more than they're worth).

    Meanwhile Romney has 186 mill on hand and that's with outspending him 2 to 1!!!

    Obama, start sending out those resumes for community leader positions and take Michele with you. Your luck has run out.

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    • You are talking about JUG EARS campaign money.

      What I remember about his last campaign is how he took in about 300 million dollars from small credit card donations.
      It was alleged at the time that all that needed to donate by credit card to JUG EARS was only a valid credit card number, no name, no address, no phone number, NO VERIFICATION whatsoever.
      It was also alleged that the money for these donations was funneled through credit cards by the George Soros type donors. It would have been easy to do without leaving a trace.

      At the time there was talk of an investigation though nothing ever became of it, I suspect because possibly the GOP had dirtied their hands in the same manner.

      Deepthroat's advice "Follow the money" is applicable to JUG EARS, you're right, thank God JUG EARS has his community organizing skills to fall back on.

    • Yep JUG EARS' chickens are coming home to roost.

      The ultra-liberal rag Newsweek obviously has seen no light at the end of JUG EARS' tunnel and done the first "progressive" hatchet job on the magnificent one.

      Newsweek's action may be just the beginning as the money was drying up for Newsweek(about a 100 years ago I actually subscribed to Newsweek).
      There are other liberal leaning "news" organizations that may be falling off or 'jumping off the back when no one is looking' of the JUG EARS bandwagon.

      The Newsweek piece was particularly interesting in that it took JUG EARS apart for an appalling lack of leadership because JUG EARS had abdicated his position as president to Nancy Pelosi and the dumbest man to ever be a US Senator, Harry Reid.
      When the JUGEARS-CARE legislation dust up was in full force JUG EARS' had to be asked to stop selling the legislation because his salesmanship was hurting chances of getting the legislation passed.

      Take JUG EARS off the Teleprompter and he convincingly demonstrates how truly inept and ineffective he actually is.
      If it ain't green JUG EARS doesn't give a schit about about it. The high functioning imbecile has squandered four years of the American people's time, somebody should have told the JUG EARED pretender that when you are getting deeper in a hole the smart thing is to stop digging.

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