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  • ewike.ebait ewike.ebait Sep 6, 2012 3:31 PM Flag

    Bill Clinton was BRILLIANT last night

    Baddle of tha Clints. Furst thar Bill Clint den thar Clint Eastwood. Git it? Ha-hilk ha-hilk. I maked a funny. How due you wike me now? Enyweigh I want to way in on pollytics. As you all no I am a demmykrat. You juss cant go rong wit free munny. I only make minnymum wage gathering shopping karts frum tha parking lot at tha locull Piggly Wiggly tree days purr weak. It aint fare! Dat barely paids fur my maggyzeen an creem habit let alone badderies fur Mr. Shake Spear. Now I aint no pike smoker but I wike tha okayshunal razzbarry around tha old brown eye dat only a fresh set of badderies can offher. I getting distracktid. Back to pollytics. I kneed odder tings two an it only rite tha rich peepull cum up off sum of dat munny. Dat why I Demmykrat. Tha end. ewike

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