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  • elikes_maw elikes_maw Sep 7, 2012 12:43 PM Flag

    I got me renude hope an change

    Lass nite I had Paw take down the Crissmiss deckorashuns an put up tha antena sew I cood watch me sum Burrock Hoosane Obomba on tha tellyvisin. I loss my job tha year he gotted electid an aint seen a days werk since. All my frens an rellytives unemployd now too. Aint no one highering. We haff loosed evryting. All the cumpennys an factorys done closed thar doors. We aint even got us a mall no moore since Burrock tooked office. But aftur lass nite wen he sed "Amarryka, change takes time" I have me renude hope! Now I no he furgot to ad the werds "takes time" to his slowgan back in 2008 but it due knot madder no moore. He saided a new werd "Fourwerd" now I motivatid all tha biznisses an factorys an mall gunna opin back up an all my frens and rellytiffs an me all gonna git are jobs back! His new messige is awesum! I'm gunna git me sum free hellth care to boot! I bet evrybuddy beleaf him agin specially tha milluns of unemployd dat loss thar job while he wuz pressydit.

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