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  • clerk392 clerk392 Oct 16, 2012 8:08 PM Flag

    Did you this Romney fellows first name is Willard

    Who would vote for a morman named Willard?
    My god !

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    • Wow. You're right on top of things there, Skippy. Did you know the incumbents name is Barack Hussein? I wondered back in '08 who would vote for a muslim with THAT name?

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      • After 4 years of that slime in office, I trust a Morman over a MUZZZZZ any day!

        I believe Romney’s 47% remark was right on the mark! “Fair Shot For All” really means Oblahma wants to give his hommies, hos and #$%$o’s a free ride. (Help the people with a work history who have lost thier homes, instead of giving every ni$$$$$ in the hood taxpayer money).

        His reference to Benghazi last night, what an effinnnn liar he is. He tried everything to cover it up! Maybe Eric Holder can help him investigate and find someone to blame before the next debate...

        He has done nothing since he has been in office. We have a terroist attack and he goes on the View??? Who watches the view anyway?

        If he gets reelected, we are doomed!

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