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  • carrik.fergus carrik.fergus Nov 17, 2012 7:49 PM Flag

    ebay, what the F!

    I've listed 5 items in the past week. Each time I'm told the fee is $0.35. Now suddenly my account balance is $24.00???????????????????????????????? SEEMS TO ME IT SHOULD BE $1.75.. Is ebay ripping off its customers without any regulations whatsoever???

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    • I see there is supposed to be a 'final value' fee but nowhere on ebay does it say how that is calculated.

      I'm done with ebay... BU-BYE!!

    • How can a listing be .35 cents?
      I checked and with a store, a premium store, a anchor store and no store both auction and fixed price. NO .35 cent fee anywhere.
      Please explain, are you a ebay store owner and what type of listing?
      PS: skirtt_chaser, where are YOU seeing 9%?
      I see 7%, 10%, 11% & 13% on Ebay's fee page!

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      • paypal fee

      • You don't have to have a store to sell, and the fees are different with each category. When their running the listing specials you can get insertion fees that low but your FVF will be different. It will be calculated according to item, item type and the category you listed it in. You can get the fee break down in the eBay learning center, all you have to do is type in Selling fees and it will bring the whole breakdown up. You can also see your selling breakdown under your selling account. I sometimes am billed the 9-10% and sometimes a lot more depending on the category, electronics is a high fee category. A lot of people don't understand when selling on eBay the sellers pay a lot to sell that's why it's important to calculate your fee into your price. That's why a lot of us sellers set reserves because we know what we need to make to cover everything and still make some profit. Hope this has helped.

    • When selling on eBay there are Final Value fees which are calculated differently for different caragories. You can go to ebays learning center and it will give you the break down for what your final value fees are. . $24 for 3 items that's about 8-9% final value fee as well as a shipping fee if you charge for shipping. Now I don't agree with that because most of us sellers only charge what USPS Calulates the shipping to be. I'll take you $24 to my $300 eBay fees but I sell high end items. Just type in fees in the eBay learning center also your fees are broke down under your seller account. Just click that and it will bring up your invoice or billing activity so you can see the breakdown. Good luck, I will say there aren't any better services out there, at least with eBay & Paypal you can sell and be protected on the back end.

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    • You can always call Paypal or Ebay for help if you need to. They are quite good at assisting.

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    • Ebay will takes you another 10% on shipping charge too. They F. both buyers and sellers good!

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