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  • pcforyou pcforyou Jan 23, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

    After listing several items for sale on Ebay some interisting info

    I just finished listing and selling several objects on ebay here is what I found.

    Very frustrating to list items as their photo uploaded would not upload the photos or only partial upload a number of photos, I had to try several times to get the photos uploaded time wasted 10 minutes.

    Shipping calculator just so frustrating not all options one time next time too many.

    Their listing helper was in one instance opened on the easy version, next listing opened in the advance mode, shipping was reset to some magical numbers that I never set.

    All in all it takes aprox. 30 minutes per item too list one item, with taking photo's set up and insertion.

    Between Ebay and PayPal Costs are about 15%

    Previously used ebay ( several years ago) to sell many items and didn't take so long and costs were lower.

    Shipping rates have gone sky-high since the start of the new year

    Overall I feel that Ebay is shooting themselves in the foot with higher costs for listing and selling harder to list items

    They may be making money right now but I bet they are loosing sellers, and will in the near future see total listings going down and income going down.

    Using paypal as a debit card should help there bottom line but PayPal does not work like your debit card with different rules and regulations all tilted to PayPal favor.

    JMHO of course but the experience was frustrating, time consuming for the amount of money made from selling.

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