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  • ebay_bored ebay_bored Mar 5, 2013 6:21 PM Flag

    Record High DOW (Look Out Below) But Ebay Kicked A Little Red?

    I keep telling you that this POS ebay stock is untethered to any actual valuation, like so many stocks today, but no one wants to wake up until the House Of Cards completely collapses? Whatever.

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    • PS Wednesday March 6th: Thanks again for your timely money making advice. I know you've made the most money of anyone here, besides me, properly going long and then shorting in a timely manner, thanks to the Dr. Clarify handbook. HIS stature as a man rose even higher when HE shared these tips with HIS chosen. Ka ching! Always. And it DOES help.

      • 2 Replies to angel.madbezos
      • Oh Professor Madbezos! Why did you mention Doctor Clarify's awesome stock trading handbook? You know that only inflames the #$%$ board trolls dwelling here in their endless pain here. Isn't it enough to quietly profit on this stock while they wallow in their misery? Isn't it enough that we few profited by crashing ebay to $9 and then made more money letting the sucker bag holders pump it back again? Isn't it enough that we can short it, crash it, and then go long again, endlessly, for our own personal gain? What's next? You'll mention Marketendgaming and let these loser trolls have a stroke trying to back peddle their lies in yet another frenzied spew? As if yelling at rich people ever accomplished anything ever. Isn't it enough that you rule these small minds (they think) from even beyond the grave or do you just get giggles having them dress up in your ID and show everybody their @ every day? Can you imagine the misery of a daily board troll, like John Osborne, ebay's z50com, living here every hour of every day for 12 years, too blind to see it made him no money and cost him the only thing in life worth anything: his own family? Yet she still thinks she is a winner? Isn't that loser's pain good enough for you? Or are you that rich and bored?

      • "angel.madbezos"........Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

        "Dr. Clarify handbook"........I would never share with you any of my professional advice. I may share such advice with other select elders. You are not an elder and I would choose not to share with you if you were. I hope this helps.

        Many people on this board have advised you to quell your fruitless and petty needling of others. Your subscription to said advice would help this forum revert to a more impassioned yet civil atmosphere. An atmosphere where intelligent posters once again feel at ease to discuss meaningful topics. You have driven most of these posters away with your childish, mean-spirited behavior. Gone are the days of brainy discourse.

    • It IS odd the stock market is booming while the rest of the nation, and ebay today, faces austerity. It is also odd why some losers live here and never ever talk stock. Ever. I hope that helps them really I do. I am so glad my mind is not sullied with nonsense daily. My full tenure has reaped rewards on so many levels.

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