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  • spraetty spraetty Mar 13, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

    I'm an owner of a Ebay store

    I currently have 1556 items on sale.My sales are "up" 30%-40% year after year,my expenses are only 9-13% that includes shipping.And when I see something I want to buy I buy it only on Ebay I've been an Ebayer for 14 years and this selling and buying platform never stops 24/7 Paypal is amazing.Yes I'm an Ebay shareholder and "love' all aspects of this business.NO PANIC.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • You lie because what you say is mathematically impossible. You pay $49 in a monthly store fee and your final value fees are anywhere from 10-13% depending on what you sell. You also pay 3 cents per item per month, so your upfront fees before you even make a sale is $49 + $46 which is $95 before you even make a sale. Ebay also takes 10-13% of your shipping cost and Papal takes 3% plus a quarter for every sale you make. It's near impossible for any ebay store owner to pay under 20% in fees. You sound like another ebay seller who thinks hes doing great because you have no clue how to do simple math

    • Did you forget to factor in those listing fees? 1500 items with a premium store will set you back $125 before you even make your first sale. What about that 4% Paypal fee? No way anyone with 1500+ items is shelling out 9-13% to eBay in fees.

      Trust me, I know, I have over 3000 items. Even with TRS powerseller discount I'm shelling out over 20% in fees. Not to mention, traffic has been down by nearly 40% year after year. Then there's the fact buyers on eBay want deep discounts, you have to compete with underpriced Chinese sellers.

    • im an ebay affiliate...I drive traffic to ebay and theres plenty of it. Business is good.

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