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  • contentsmatters contentsmatters Mar 15, 2013 1:03 PM Flag

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    As a 14 year Ebay powerseller; I've had a great track record of predicting Ebay's up and downs because I see how every move; both positive or negative; affects ebay. I'm convinced the Post Office's huge rate hike for international shipping will greatly hurt Ebay. Also Amazon for that matter. There's just no way around it; doubling the shipping rates for items under 4 pounds is an insane price hike for Non-U.S. buyers who like buying American products from American sellers. I've seen a 60% decrease in non-U.S. orders the past month, as foreigners have caught on to the horrible price hike by the post office. I sold my Ebay stock a month ago at $55 and would not even think about buying back until the results come in from the Post Office rate hike. As a long time ebay seller; I know this is a huge factor that's receiving almost no attention

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    • Well said insider. It's a telling clue that ebay sellers are not doing well, nor ebay in general, when they can't keep the Post Office afloat without rate increases. Only illiterates fail to notice that the only reason the Post Office is in the red is because republi-pukes are purposefully trying to destroy it by demanding that they pay forward its retirement and insurance employee packages. No other business has to do this. Just another example of the Un-American republi-pukes trying to destroy America from within. This is what they do and this is what they stand for these days.

    • The US Postal service had to raise the rate. They were losing money on International shipments and the price increase was long overdue. If you hadn't noticed the USPS is in the RED!

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      • Are you serious? A 5oz package (let's say a CD) went from $5 to nearly $12. Whoa nellie, that's not an increase, it's highway robbery. USPS will lose out and eBay will lose out. In the meantime, USPS still isn't providing the tracking (deliver confirmation) they promised, even to Canada.

        My international sales are dead, down from 30% of my business. No way in heck, with refund crazy Paypal, I'll ship a $5 CD to Europe and risk losing $20+ for one item. Yeah, if a seller refunds a supposedly missing item, we eat the original postage as well as the refunded postage. A double loss.

        USPS's problem is their pensioners. Just like teachers, the police and fire department. Kick them to 401k like everyone else.

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