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  • masterbates649 masterbates649 Mar 19, 2013 1:30 PM Flag


    I'm sure most have seen the news that eBay is overhauling their fee structure to be more competitive with Amazon and because merchants are complaining.


    As a merchant with 2000 items and a premium store, I currently pay :

    $49.95 store fees plus .05 per listing ($100) = $149.95 in LISTING FEES (before I even sell an item)

    Under the new plan, I'll be paying :

    $59.95 store fees with 500 free listings, .10 per listing afterwards (1500x.10=$150) for a total of $209.95 LISTING fees before I even sell an item)

    Amazon charges $0 fees for listing as many items as you want. $39 a month if you want a premium account so you can create listing pages.

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    • eBay IS raising fees. For one thing, if you sell SILVER or GOLD, there used to be a cap of $50 on one item. Now there is NO cap AND there is also no eBay bucks! So paying $250 to sell a $3000 piece makes no sense whatsoever. It's better to pawn it for that fee.

    • in business to consumer ecommerce, amazon is ebay's biggest competitor. people don't need same day delivery. shoppers are procastinators. people use the internet for research and compare prices and then buy. why business don't sell on ebay, cause it waste a lot of time and it cost 20% more for merchants selling on internet rather than cash and carry on costco. ebay and amazon good for liquidating old stock that doesn't sell or if merchant needs cash.

    • This is simply untrue. Ebay is not raising any fees at all. Just simplifying them. Not all sellers will see the same decreases or increases. Each seller's sales are unique and some will see decreases in their fees and some will see increases, but the vast majority of Ebay sellers will see a decrease in their overall fees. The feedback that we have received from our sellers about the new fee stucture has been overwhelmingly positive.

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      • Lie from an ebay employee! Ebay is the single worst place to do business with that I have ever seen. They treat sellers like they are dirt. Their employees are minimum wage monkeys that have less common sense than walmart help does. It is every sellers hope, that Ebay gets taken down by another site. After 12 years as a seller I have seen it all, and it is Ebay who is its own worst enemy. When the mass exodus happens it will be like banks in Greece, Egypt, and Cypress. It will happen quickly, and despite being able to move stuff we all hate Ebay./ paypal ( which steal $ from you, they even make money on shipping charges)) No one I know will ever have anything to do with them again. Meg Whitman losing the Ca gov race is proof positive that everyone hates Ebay, she lost for that reason alone. The new guy even worse!!!! They simply have the attitude that they are supreme, and they are right , despite making mistake after mistake on both sides of the fence. I would not own Ebay stock for a cool 1M gift, and mind you I bought it when it went public and made $400K over the first year. Owners beware. Its coming...........

      • Jeff, your statement is simply untrue. This is what sellers cannot stand with eBay - the constant LIES under the ruse of a lowering fees. I didn't even hear of these increases until I went to use EBAY's FEE Calculator this morning - I was shocked when I saw the fee increases coming. CLEARLY, I can see how much my fees will go UP (and drastically up!) in the next 2 weeks by using your own fee calculator.

        As an example, I sold a $2100 item, my current fees were $84.55, but my New Fee shows it will be $189.00 in two weeks - we're talking more than DOUBLE, and you're saying my fees will increase slightly?? Please. I can barely make a profit on anything I sell on eBay the way it is, and this surely is forcing me to find other avenues to sell, or just the final straw that will force many sellers to throw in the towel. What's the point of sellers listing on eBay if most the profits or proceeds will be taken away?

        This is going to backfire on eBay BIG TIME. Ebay is just a parasite killing off its host (Sellers) - soon the host will be dead, and so will eBay.

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      • No offense Jeff, I know your just doing your job but you can't be so blind to the fact that every time eBay says they're lowering or simplifying fees, truth is, the beancounters found a way to use creative mathematics where some sellers are affected and others aren't. In essence creating disruption amongst sellers. You know the old strategy, divide and conquer, kill two birds with one stone AND raise CEO john Donahoe's compensation..

        When eBay charges $0 up front fees for listings, one overall fee including payment processing like Amazon does, then we will be simplified

        As a TRS / Powerseller on eBay, I always wonder why my 20% discount doesn't include my premium store and listing fees? Only FVF's which pale to the up front listing fees.

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      • How can the vast majority of sellers see a fee decrease. Only sellers selling large quantities of cheap items will see a decrease. Anyone selling items for more than $80 will see a fee increase, and the fee increase percentage goes up with the price until the sale price is $2,778. It is simple math, which ebay thinks its customers are not capable of doing. Everything sold for between $80 and $2,778 will see a fee increase. A big one.

    • If they don't resolve their current issue with sellers unable to list. it won't matter how much they increase the fees!
      Second day of this "Your item can not be listed because you have reached your monthly selling limit" AFTER receiving an email informing me the issue had been resolved within hours of its initial occurrence.
      I'm sure China is the blame..:)

    • ebay_pays_all_my_bills ebay_pays_all_my_bills Mar 22, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

      Anytime Ebay raises its fees, I just incorporate them into the opening bid of my auctions. I haven't seen any dropoff in sales due to the increases. My sales are still around 98% sell-thru on as weekly basis.

    • You left out a LOT of facts (are you a DEM)
      First off the store price will stay at $49.95 if you commit to a it for a year.
      Second the FVF fee's will drop to 9% or lower.
      For a small seller like myself this is GOOD news
      Time to RE-OPEN our Ebay store

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      • The same old board troll BS nonsense! If you hate ebay you are a DEM? You are a Tool Fool DIM! "For a small seller like yourself..." aren't you at Denny's wishing it was your birthday? Why pump ebay now? They put you in the poorhouse and laughed, just like Fly and the sullied girls.



      • What does it matter my political party? I'm an investor in eBay as well as a merchant who uses their marketplace to sell. 98% sell through rate on eBay? You've got to be kidding me !! So what you're not telling is you're letting $100 items go for .99 cents opening bid. Not the best way to do business but you know what, you know it all..

        Who want's to commit to a year subscription for a store? I'm not going to pony up $600 in advance for my premium store when sales and traffic on eBay are down like they have been for the past two years. Each year, eBay stock might go up but sales and traffic are down.

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    • Oh, and did anybody notice the new fees structure announcement came shooting out right after the news for eBay was how CEO John Donahoe's compensation for 2021 was $28 million, up nearly 80% from the previous year. Nice cover-up.

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      • Corporations are in business to make money, full stop. Mega Corporations don't care about anything other than their bottom line. They don't care about honest and free markets. Besides their profits (and losses) the main Big Corporate's concern is to buy-off or bury the competition. So even if there were a serious competitor to ebay, you can bet that ebay would destroy that competitor via lawsuits - like yah00 auctions - or by buying out their business. Like paypal. If we had the Sherman anti-Trust act still enforced - or any sort of effective legal or regulatory structure - ebay would find itself in court getting it's but-t sued off for all of its anti-competitive business practices. Not to mention outright theft. Like charging sellers FVF fees on shipping. The fact that ebay is not in serious legal trouble now well illustrates the depths of depravity to whit anti-Trust legislation in the USA is no longer enforced. I do believe there will be reckoning when this entire monetary house of cards collapses, but excepting Cyprus that seems to be well down the pike for the rest of us. Perhaps THAT is a good thing... :)

    • If ebay is going to make more money out of this, the stock should go up .This is good for stock holders.

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      • It can also be taken as a sign of desperate measures when a business tries to squeeze more profit out of existing customers. It will also drive more merchants to eBay's competition.

        This week, for the first time ever, I did more business at a smaller niche venue than at eBay or Amazon.

        One thing both eBay and Amazon have forgotten is merchants who are making money in a marketplace are likely to spend it there.

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