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  • doublefeebay doublefeebay Mar 21, 2013 5:05 PM Flag

    128% fee increase. If they don't reverse this increase they will lose my $1500 a month

    I am a powerseller and top rated seller and ebay shareholder. I sell mostly in the jewelry category, and pay about $1500 a month in fees to ebay. I also did about $250,000 with paypal last year according to the 1099K that they sent me. With the new fee increase, my fees would more double. But they really won't because I will not be listing on ebay anymore if they actually raise the fees. The last item I sold on ebay, an hours ago, was for $2,200. The fee now is $86.50. When the new fees go into effect, the fee will be $198, a 128% increase.
    I called ebay powerseller customer service and was told that they are doing this for me, and if I did not accept it, that I can use other sites. The representative even recommended etsy. Why would ebay customer service be telling a $1500 a month customer to go elsewhere? This fee increase is going to cost ebay much more business than it will ever take in. There just is not enough profit in selling on ebay to justify these astronomical fees.

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    • Stating that your overall fees will go up is simply untrue. You may pay a very slightly higher fee on some of your items, but overall your total fees will decrease because your listing fees will decrease. If you contact us, we can run your actual business results in a model that takes into account the store subscriptions, final value fees, and the insertion costs and show you how your actual sales would have played out in the new fee structure. You will see that your overall fees will decrease, just as they will for just about every Ebay seller.

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      • You are a liar and an idiot or both. There is no way my overall fees will go down. The current fee for a $2,200 item is $62.50 for the first $1000 and 2% for the amount over $1000. That means 6.25 percent for the first $1000 and 2 percent for the rest. How can 9 percent for the entire amount be less. Oh yes, the listing fee. That is currently 50 cents. Is the new listing fee going to be negative $112? That is the only way that I would even break even.

    • I really don't know how a company which "accidentally" wipes out hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of seller's online auctions can possibly be worth $52 per share. Higher fees... more glitches... no clear policy on free listings... constant tinkering with image loading and auction formats, while introducing buggy 'features' before they are fully proven or even desired by users. And this last deal where some likely ham-fisted programmer or sys-admin without a clue wiped out tens of thousands of seller auctions - of course ebay won't say who or whom is responsible - is so typical of the faulty/misguided direction this Corporation has taken, post-Pierre and even post-Meg. To top it all, wrt to the thousands/millions of auctions gradually being re-instated over a period of several days, ebay is charging sellers fees for the "glitch" which sellers are not responsible for, and for which ebay is fully responsible. In this era of corporate monopolies where corporations can either buy or bury the competition it's useless to hope that some mega-auction format will appear to challenge ebay in the not-so-free market. But I seriously believe that the SEC and class action attorneys should look at ebay as a deep pocket which must be made to pay up for its out-of-control transgressions... like charging seller fees for mistakes that ebay itself is repsonsible for. I ask you, is ebay any different than one of the Too-Big-to-Jail banks in that regard?

    • ikolekt Mar 21, 2013 10:18 PM Flag

      I agree. eBay now rates their sellers on shipping charges, which is so ridiculous since the seller has no control over what the USPS or FED EX charges, causing them to lose any advantage they have trying to get discounts on seller fees. Everything is geared for the buyer. I'm going to Etsy to sell and Amazon, which surprisingly, I sold my item in 2 days. No hassle either! Investors, look out. I once owned eBay stock but got out when Whitman took over as she was running it in the ground.on

    • Feck eBay. All you're going to find on this board is a lot of shareholders who could care less about eBay padding their bottom line. Douchebags here could care less that eBay keeps making a profit through creative accounting while driving customers away.

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