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  • flankenking flankenking Mar 23, 2013 4:57 AM Flag

    A company with such facts is extreme undervalued: with only 36 million like today


    Fiscal 2013 Financial Guidance of Local Corp:

    Revenue - The company expects 2013 revenue of between $93 million and $95 million, which at the mid-point, is an increase of 12 percent, over the fourth quarter 2012 exit run rate.

    Adjusted Net Income – Adjusted Net Income for 2013 is expected to be at least $5 million, which would result in approximately $1 million in debt-free cash flow. The company defines debt-free cash flow as cash provided by operating activities, less capital expenditures

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    • Key Takeaways from Q1/13

      • Sequential revenue growth from $20.9 million in Q4 to $21.8 million in Q1, up 4%

      • Margin expansion drove positive cash flow from operations one quarter ahead of schedule

      • Record traffic:
      » Overall traffic on the site and network was a record 106 million monthly unique visitors (MUV)
      » Organic traffic on the site was a record 49 million MUVs
      » Mobile traffic was 32 million MUVS for the first quarter 2013

      • Costs savings due to cessation of direct sales efforts during 1Q

      • Made significant progress on key objectives for the year:
      » Expand gross margins on our largest revenue stream (O&O) – total gross margin up 4 points
      » Expand revenue of our highest gross margin business (Network) – Network ex TAC up 67% from prior year quarter

      • Reiterating prior guidance:
      » Revenue between $93 million and $95 million
      » Adjusted EBITDA of at least $5 million

      •Completed a $5 million convertible note financing in April 2013

    • It is a joke, that Yelp has the 50-fold market-cap and Tumblr the 27-fold price of Local Corp, but both less US-Monthly-Unique-Visitors (newest numbers from Siteanalytics)

      Local Corp (market-cap of 40 million) development of Unique Visitors:

      11/2012: 18,745,842 Monthly Unique Visitors

      12/2012: 22,738,206 Monthly Unique Visitors

      01/2013: 26,410,927 Monthly Unique Visitors

      02/2013: 24,017,605 Monthly Unique Visitors

      03/2013: 24,427,755 Monthly Unique Visitors

      04/2013: 23,785,928 Monthly Unique Visitors

      Compare with the development of Yelp's (market-cap of 2 billion) Unique Visitors:

      11/2012: 19,358,705 Monthly Unique Visitors

      12/2012: 21,017,483 Monthly Unique Visitors

      01/2013: 22,293,301 Monthly Unique Visitors

      02/2013: 21,063,155 Monthly Unique Visitors

      03/2013: 23,364,095 Monthly Unique Visitors

      04/2013: 22,252,993 Monthly Unique Visitors

      Compare with the development of Tumblr’s (offer of Yahoo of 1.1 billion) Unique Visitors:

      11/2012: 24,610,970 Monthly Unique Visitors

      12/2012: 26,348,660 Monthly Unique Visitors

      01/2013: 26,003,223 Monthly Unique Visitors

      02/2013: 24,082,558 Monthly Unique Visitors

      03/2013: 22,990,413 Monthly Unique Visitors

      04/2013: 23,21,082 Monthly Unique Visitors

    • Better Local Audiences at Scale throug Fusion by Local of Local Corp

      Fusion by Local makes it possible for brand marketers to reach engaged, ready-to-buy local audiences on a national scale though our vast community of 1,200+ trusted news sites. No need for multiple local vendors and direct relationships to implement local campaigns for their clients. Through a single point of contact, agencies now have access to highly desirable news sites in our transparent premium ad network.

      Fusion by Local gives your clients the ability to reach millions of people every month in the markets that matter most – simply and efficiently. We work through direct publisher partnerships to offer advertisers tremendous reach within specific categories or DMAs. Whatever your needs are, we work with you to customize and optimize a perfect-fit advertising campaign across the best sites, audiences and channels.

      Spend less time on buying and more time on strategy.

    • I have waited a very long time: But now is the NEW KRILLION from Local Corp here: Go at once to the website of Krillion!

      Krillion offers unique local product content distribution opportunities for consumer product manufacturers, content providers, retailers and rich media providers. Our API and widget technologies allow our business partners to access Krillion’s data service to enhance websites, mobile applications and marketing efforts that engage locally-focused consumers quickly with high-quality local product and availability information that can result in increased traffic and sales.

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      • Local Shopping for Content Providers

        Enhance your web site’s content and generate additional revenue while providing interactive, local product search results for your online communities. Krillion for content providers leverages our data service for positioning adjacent to your content sections that can benefit from “where to buy” information. This service is optimal for any product related content page and can be customized to return results by product categories, product brands, top-selling products and more. More...

        Where-to-Buy Solutions for Manufacturers

        Give customers who visit your site the best shopping experience, where ever they choose to buy your product, with Krillion's 360 Product Locator. Product manufacturers looking to easily increase website capabilities, drive retail sales and offer online shoppers more buying choices choose Krillion to power their where-to-buy sites. A “where to buy locally" tab is placed on your site's product pages to guide customers toward quickly finding local dealers with your products in-stock, in-store today. Krillion provides an easy implementation for manufacturers that need to deploy an improved and cost-efficient product/dealer locator solution. More...

      • Product-Rich Media

        Advances in online display and mobile advertising are enabling marketers to re-imagine ways to use dynamic data in creative to serve client campaigns – especially in the creation of geo-targeted national advertising campaigns – with more locally relevant information, such as product pricing, inventory, and special promotions. Here at Krillion, we can help you drive higher performance with your rich media by enabling more dynamically generated content that consumers can use as they turn to the web and mobile web to research and buy products at stores near them. More...

        Custom Integration Partnerships

        In order to meet the unique needs of large and fast-growing companies, Krillion brings the flexibility to adapt its programs for select partners. Custom solutions may include our data service via API or other content integration options and customized solutions designed especially for search engine partners, retailers and publishers.

    • Consumer Properties Statistic of Local Corp

      Monthly Uniqe Visitors: Over 30 million

      Monthly Page Views: Approximal 50 million

      Page Views per Visit: 2.5 views in the average

      Impressions: 1.2 billion

    • Local Corporation Reaches Record Mobile, Organic and Total Search Traffic

      Local Corporation Reaches Record Mobile, Organic and Total Search Traffic
      Press Release: Local Corporation – 5 hours ago.. .

      IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--

      Local Corporation (LOCM), a leading online local media company, today announced record mobile, organic and total search traffic for the first quarter 2013.

      The company reached mobile traffic of 32 million monthly unique visitors (MUVs) during the first quarter 2013, up 167 percent from 12 million MUVs during the year ago period.

      Organic traffic also continued to grow, representing 49 million MUVs during the first quarter, up 40 percent from 35 million MUVs during the year ago period.

      The company reached 106 million total MUVs during the first quarter, up 13 percent from 94 million MUVs during the year ago period.

      “Traffic volumes remain a key performance indicator for our business. We exceeded our first quarter expectations in each area, which provides us with a strong foundation for performance for the year,” said Heath Clarke, Local Corporation chairman and CEO.

      All site traffic and usage statistics are from third-party service providers engaged by the company. Quarterly MUV traffic is equal to the aggregate of each month's MUV traffic numbers in that quarter. Traffic and the company’s monetization of that traffic combine to determine its revenues for any given period. The company’s traffic volume alone for a period should not be viewed as demonstrative of its financial results for such period.

    • Local Corp has a tremendous first player advantage, as it has been strong influenced the local search since
      the early 2000's

      (1): About 25 million Monthly Unique Visitors from the flagship-site alone
      01/2013: 26,410,927 Monthly Unique Visitors
      02/2013: 24,017,605 Monthly Unique Visitors
      Decrease of 9.06% (February has only 28 days against 31 in January) against January and an increase of 38.64% year-over-year

      (2): Flagship-side directory of over 18 million local businesses
      Our extensive flagship-side directory of over 18 million local businesses – which can be filtered by locale, optimized for social media sharing and private labeled for you – gives you the power to generate additional revenue by selling new ad formats and premium listings while securing immediate passive ad revenue. Your website will rank higher and drive relevant traffic with our proven SEO strategies, custom content and deep shared links.

    • The Strategy of Local Corp

      We believe that we are in the early stages of a large and long-term business opportunity presented by the shift of local marketing budgets from traditional media formats to digital media formats. Our strategy for pursuing this opportunity includes the following key components:

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      • • Access to a Desirable Demographic of Decision-Makers

        Our patented and proprietary technology allows us to consolidate an amalgamated and disparate set of local business listings, information and other data and combine it into a targeted, highly relevant results-set, which is presented in a useful and compelling manner. A majority of users on Local Corps flagship-site are females, aged between 25 and 45, with at least one child at home (the so-called “soccer moms”), a demographic that is deemed by many to be highly desirable because they generally have responsibility for 89% of bank accounts, 80% of healthcare decisions, and 50% of do-it-yourself projects and consumer product purchases. We designed the utility of our website to appeal to this group of targeted users.

    • The guidance for Yelp's revenues in 2013 ist with 211 million only the 2.2-fold of the 94 million reveneus of Local Corp, but the market-cap of Yelp ist with 1,570 million the 43-fold of the idiotic low 36 million of Lcoal Corp.

      And therefore my advice is very simple: Sell all your shares of Yelp and buy from the amount shares of Local Corp, bcause that is a divergence with the factor (!!!!!!!!!!) 20 between similar companies.

    • Expand Your Universe with Launch by Local: Launch is our complete online marketing solution for all phases of customer interaction

      Take Your Business to New Heights: With Launch, you can send your business skyward. Launch works from the ground up to accelerate your online presence to reach more of the customers you want and keep them coming back for more:.
      • Grow your online presence
      • Reach more of the right customers
      • Generate significant repeat business
      Get Going Fast with the Propel package:
      • No contracts or setup fees
      • More affordable than the competition
      • Up and running in 7-10 business days – guaranteed
      You Get It All:
      • Websites
      • Mobile
      • Social
      • Business listings
      • Banner advertising
      • Content

      SMB Marketing in 2013: 68% of small businesses to increase marketing budget
      David Kirkpatrick January 17th, 2013
      I recently came across research from AWeber that found 68% of small businesses plan on increasing their marketing budget in 2013, and a full 97% plan on at least maintaining their current level of marketing spending.That’s a very solid majority of small businesses that are putting more money into their marketing efforts.
      Source: Marketing Sherpa

      An excellent message for Local Corp with the offer Launch by Local: "That’s a very solid majority of small businesses that are putting more money into their marketing efforts."

      As mentioned, mobile use in general is only going up and, as we’ve said before, it is soon expected to surpass desktop use. The huge rise in mobility is evidence that on-the-go consumers aren’t just searching for things like restaurants and retail stores, but they’re looking for all kinds of businesses and products, including entertainment, professional services, healthcare, and groceries. So, don’t make the mistake of thinking your niche doesn’t need a mobile website.

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