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  • angel.madbezos angel.madbezos Apr 1, 2013 11:47 AM Flag

    The Unspeakable Failure That Is John Osborne, Ebay's Lonely Failing Z50com

    Why would anyone with even half a mind, not that John Osborne z50com has half a mind, sit here daily for 12 years obsessing on matters ten years old, and posters who left in 2005, and taunting people he thought died, simply because his information is wrong? Why does he call them out and then whine when they slap him? For that matter, why would a failing junky tool fencer cyber stalker keep information on people who post here anyways and post at them while he talks of an AK47? John Osborne, ebay's z50com, is the next Adam Lanza? Yahoo is just gathering records. We see John has already destroyed his family, and had to flee his drug shack on Hanover Circle, so at what point does the psycho open up on anyone dumb enough to go near it? John's posts answer: not long. Not long at all. I hope that helps.

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    • Charles, you need MEDICAL HeLp
      AK47 is a strain grown by Delicious Seeds in Holland, Girl Scout Cookies is a strain from Cali that just won the High Times #$%$ Cup & Albert Walker is a very hard to find Clone Only strain.
      I guess you know NOTHING about #$%$. . .

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      • That's not my name moron, but everyone here sees you are an obsessed tired old 60 year old growing drugs and hoarding guns for your enemies in your little desert trailer, alone, easily the mass shooter type, while you obsess publicly over ancient wounds. You were, and are, a liar who abandoned your own family. No one else is to blame for your daily misery. Only an idiot would sit here wallowing in it every day. You are a festering mass shooter, so your posts will be very helpful soon, showing that Yahoo allowed you to fester publicly and get worse. I hope that helps.

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