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  • doublefeebay doublefeebay Apr 1, 2013 2:46 PM Flag

    350% increase in Final Value Fee

    Just to clarify this for those of you who do not understand simple math. The new ebay final value fee is going up 350% on everything over $1000. Ebay may try to say that it is only a 7% increase, but they obviously do not know how to do simple math. The current fee for items sold for over $1000 is $62.50 plus 2% of the amount over $1000. That means 6.25% for the first $1000 and 2% for the rest. The new fee is a flat 9%. While the difference between 2% and 9% is 7%, it is not a 7% increase. A 7 % increase on 2% would be to raise it to 2.14%. The real increase is 7/2 which is 3.5, or a 350% increase.

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    • Citing one specific example of an item that will have a slightly higher final value fee is deceptive. You may pay a very slightly higher fee on some of your items, but overall your total fees will decrease because your listing fees will decrease. If you contact us, we can run your actual business results in a model that takes into account the store subscriptions, final value fees, and the insertion costs and show you how your actual sales would have played out in the new fee structure. You will see that your overall fees will decrease, just as they will for just about every Ebay seller. The fee for selling on Amazon is 25%, so you will be paying 16% less if you list in catagories with a 9% final value value fee. And if you receive a top rated seller discount, you will only be paying a modest 7.2%.

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      • Citing a specific example my #$%$ you mean like eBay citing the specific example where fees will actually be lowered? eBay = the company that trains it's reps to bend the truth.

      • I was wondering what your script says about the sales tax proposal. What percentage of ebay sellers will actually have to collect sales taxes according to your propaganda?

      • Can you please stop spreading your lying propaganda. I only pay $50 a month in up front fees, and I wouldn't care if you tripled that. I will be paying an extra $100 in final value fee on almost every item I sell under the new fee structure. I contacted power seller customer support and told them that I was being repeatedly told that my fees would decrease. The rep ran my bills from November to now, using some software that you don't want the customers to use. He told me that if I open a store, and WITH my Top Rated Seller 20% discount, my bills since November would have been 86% higher under the new fee structure. That is my best case scenario. He then read me a prepared statement about how I can pass the increase along to my customers, which I assured him that I could not do. He also suggested that etsy was a better choice for people selling collectibles. I find it strange that ebay reps are pushing sellers to etsy.
        As far as your remark about Amazons fee being 25%, who cares. I do not list on Amazon, and was not planning on doing so, so what does it matter to me. I am concered about the overall 86% increase in what I will have to pay ebay, AFTER FIGURING IN MY REDUCED UP FRONT COSTS.
        Incidentally, I have been selling on ebay since 1997, am a gold power seller and a top rated seller. I am also a shareholder.

    • Notice how quickly our two pretend sellers chimed in, invoking my name in their spew even. I would take anything they say with a great block of salt because they live here spamming and harassing 247 and could never have time for listing, selling or packing on ebay. Just twin illiterates. Here every second of every day.

    • Are you math challenged or what?
      Right now it's $62.50 for $1000
      At 9% it will be $90 for $1000
      An increase of about 50% on items over $1000

      I'm a High School Dropout and can do the math. . .

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