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  • pickbud pickbud Apr 21, 2013 1:42 PM Flag

    Time to DUMP eBay!

    With ongoing legislation for sales tax, big box online eBay stores will go to Amazon for the sales tax to be collected there. Very easy! Mom and Pops will not be effected as the bar to reach will be 1 Million in sales. Gee, if I could do I million in sales, I would be more than happy to collect sales tax. Ebay is only trying to protect themselves and their big income producing eBay stores. Acting like the little guy will be effected. Horse manure!

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    • I think when it comes to ebay, most small sellers have long ago been impacted beyond endurance and this gathering of sales taxes will have little further negative impact. Sales taxes benefit roads, schools and more. No reason the internet should fly above the brick and mortar stores. Of course, there will always be criminals who pay no tax. Overall, it's great to see such a fine level of intelligent discourse in these comments below. Something badly lacking on this board. I hope that helps.

    • 90% of ebay's business or profit is from power sellers. and yes for serious sellers 2.5 million in sales is the normal. online dealers just been lucky they've got a tax loophole in that states cannot collect sales tax from other statess. the tax laws didn't envision ecommerce would be this big, it was liess less 3%. And there is no online retailer in reality. all these LARGE sellers like amazon have warehouses in the states they deliver the stuff too. so it's a s cam. you actually believe you stuff is shipped from florida shipped to seattle? shipping cost twice as much compared to local delivery.

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      • sellers just collect the sales tax, this will just be an level playing field with brick and mortar stores who create jobs in their local states. private individual sellers don't pay since they don't sell more than $5,000/year and don't the buyer pays the ssales tax not the seller. for sellers the sales tax doesn't really matter since it's the buyer who is paying for it. tax should never be the competitive advantage between sellers.

      • also,shipping is too high for garage sales and people who don't ship enough. it's ebay fees and paypal fees that cost sellers the most. sales tax it's not the seller who pays.

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