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  • ebay_pays_my_bills ebay_pays_my_bills Apr 23, 2013 2:27 PM Flag

    its official im homeless

    Posting from mobile sucks wifi is hard to come by wont be able to post often wish me luck

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    • lawrence_dickerson May 5, 2013 7:12 PM Flag

      Sold your car.Sold your truck.Short sold your home.John Osborne drugging it up at relatives, who gave him the boot.

      Sell your EBAY business z50com.You already did??

      Go back to sweeping poo off racetracks EBAY PAYS MY BILLS.You werent good at that.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Wow! Someone new bashing John Osborne Tool Fool, ebay's broke and homeless z50com? You will get lumped in as "all one poster" but it's too funny to see the little fago board trolls spinning in their little endless circles of hate over a poster who long ago outed John Osborne's lies and then found a great new career in 2005. Plenty of money to keep the fago board trolls harassed and daily outed to their sad lonely graves. Yes indeed. Are you his neglected daughter or son? Or wife? Or brother and sister? He's headed your way after a little snack of rat and used socks in the alley.

    • You want to take another crack at that sentence? It makes no cents.



    • I wish you the best of luck as always. I don't know what happened with you, but you are getting a little old for this kind of trouble. May I suggest a straight job doing what you know how to do with tools and equipment. You are too open and honest a person to be this far down on your luck.

      Sentiment: Sell

      • 1 Reply to flyktning
      • Can you two girls get a room to kiss already? Everyone knows John Osborne has been a psychotic board troll up here daily for 12 years, with you, Patrick Mitchell, the San Rafael beancounter, his only pal and main booster. Let John move in with you because I personally think karma will kick what's left of his teeth in and somewhere his abused and neglected daughter is smiling. He can move in with TEAM and they can KY all day. PS: no one who Googles z50com will ever give him a day job. Just sayin'.

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