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  • dr.madbezos dr.madbezos Apr 24, 2013 8:38 AM Flag

    Someone is a phony.

    "Ever closer to spring!" (sic)

    "Another glorious day with ones (sic) family, friends, colleagues and students"

    "Who would want (sic) be a bitter Flything?

    I agree with the sentiments of everyone here. This person is certainly no professor!
    Heck, I have seen better writing from second grade school children.

    Enjoy your day, "professor"! LOL

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    • An awful lot of (sic)'ness going around here.

    • Yes, you are a phony. Only one of your above [SICs] examples is a error and that was done on purpose. It's far too easy to paddle your dunce cap off Grammar Queen. I guess it gives you something to live for, lurking here in your 100s of IDs, pretending there is any parity between a tenured Professor and a high school drop out. Someday you may strike tin foil and improve your hat. I hope that helps.

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      • The good dr.madbezos is always right!
        All 3 "sic" examples are right on. You are simply too inept to realize IT. And in your second "sentence" in the post I am replying to, you have 2 errors. "[SICs]" should be singular. And "a" should be "an".
        There are errors in all of your sentences yet YOU DO NOT KNOW it!!! OMG
        Actually, these blunders are made by many. But, authored by a fully-tenured professor?!! Hardly!! LOL

        Go cRAWL under that rock yet again, you've been exposed. PUBLIcLY.


        -Sully Rules

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