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  • angel.madbezos angel.madbezos May 9, 2013 7:08 AM Flag

    Good Morning From Wonderful Philadelphia

    Good morning! I've been a busy paper grading Professor lately as graduation approaches. I'm proud that so many intelligent young lives I helped guide will take their big steps into the real world, where they'll contribute greatly to our society. None of them will be board trolls. None of them will think someone died because their research was faulty. None of them will pump ebay will living in a cardboard box. Of course, I still make time to enjoy my garden and Philadelphia's attractions with my happy family. Life is for the living.

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    • Professor, whoever you are. I find it so funny you command the little trolls to piddle themselves publicly on your every word, even when they should be worrying about where to find the next rat for their dinner. THAT's power! Keep up the good work. You own this board.



    • Charles Kelly of Dallas Texas
      Professor James Roberge NEVER EVER used the word "troll" in any post

      Why do YOU want to be anyone but yourself?

      You seem to think your Madbezos & Sully all wrapped in one ~ You're way too lame ~ LOL

      I'm in Long Beach right now, want to join me for a beer at RIPPLES? :-)~

      • 2 Replies to ebay_pays_my_bills
      • John Osborne, Ebay's failed z50com and VW. There was no James of Charles ever here. That man you bash is neither name. You always had failed information. You are a board troll and everybody's called you one. Everyone has watched as you and Flyktning (Patrick Mitchell of San Rafael CA) ran all the good posters off by making your public death threats and deleting posts and posters. You've even off your own neglected daughter, who you sexually abused and ran off your idiot son and wife, wrecked your z50com and VW ebay sites, and now live on the sidewalk, jUST so you can continue to fight a long ago board war you lost, when you have no idea who has their boot is on your neck. Fake Sullied is your little lap dog in crime. Note Fly, Sully and Sully's tongue licking ID offered you no food, shelter or comfort as you suffer. You want your suffering to get worse? Cool by me. Enjoy.

    • John's being eaten by road bugs and road rash, eating road kill, and you don't care. I guess none of us do.

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