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  • angel.madbezos angel.madbezos May 22, 2013 6:46 AM Flag

    Poor Homeless John Osborne z50com Is Dying Over His False Information And Obsession.

    Poor broke loser John Osborne is losing what's left of his mind publicly. My students all know I'm alive. I'm the real Madbezos and never was James Roberge. I know it's hard for a psycho like John Osborne to admit he wasted over a decade obsessing on false names. Only a fool posts here, do politics, or sell on ebay with their real names. Don't you agree John Osborne, ebay's failing z50com and VW? I hope the Roberge family gives a psycho like you all the attention you crave, and may the public bash your z50com and VW ebay sites. Sick losers should live on the highway in ditches until the chain gang finds you, as your public actions prove once again John Osborne z50com and VW. Must be fun to be trapped daily in your lies and illness while you can't even feed yourself.

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    • 1st off Charles Madbezos would never ever talk the way you do.
      His past posts prove this
      2nd the Roberge family should be ASHAMED of the way grandpa carried on here
      they have a lot more to lose than I do.
      3rd Charles the only students you have come in a Timex box ~ LOL

      PS: We the people of this board OWN YOU, don't forget that. . .

      • 1 Reply to ebay_pays_my_bills
      • Poor broke, and I DO mean broke, homeless #$%$ - i z e d John Osborne z50com: the only one owned here is YOU. You are the psycho that lives to stalk made up names from long ago posters while you run every intelligent poster off. One hopes your z50com and VW ebay sites suffer the way you will on your sick way to hades.

        I am not the Madbezos poster, nor the real Sully (no one would ever want to be your fake sullied ID) and none of your sick obsession hurts anyone but your failing z50com and VW ebay sites. Look how this board is mostly your posts. THAT is your own personal slavery. The chains you will drag with you to hades.

        The Roberge family will find you. Charles was a made up name, but your public threats and cyber stalkings are still public threats and stalking. Glad to see you wrecked ebay again today for me. Your insanity at least profits me, the only reason I suffer you to exist.

    • Good morning Professor. Congratulations on graduating another great class. Again. No worries on Johnie Osborne as Ian has his every move tracked. John is just a spinning top winding down. The silence will soon be golden here. Yahoo and Flything should pay for foisting John Osborne and Sully on every poster here.

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