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  • flyktning_onde flyktning_onde May 22, 2013 10:38 PM Flag

    Hey YAHOO. Why Is Your Ebay Board Entirely Ebay_Pays_My_Bills Melting And Threat Spam?

    I'm John Osborne's, ebay's z50com and VW's only friend in the world and even I realize now he needs to be locked in a cage underground somewhere away from the internet for his own safety. He posts up here all day and night as Ebay_Pays_My_Bills, and 100 other IDs, but ebay doesn't pay his bills. I wish I had never enabled and encouraged his ongoing sickness as you will regret giving him a public forum.

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    • He's always been your pet. Leash it fast because he's biting you too. That's a fact.

    • Oh Charles, what am I ever going to do with you

      You've been hollow empty threats since 2002 when I first came here

      The manager here at the motel 6 in Needles says the WiFi is going off for an hour

      Try to compose yourself and maintain the high quality posts you offer the board ~ ROTFLMAO

      See ya at 9 pm

      • 1 Reply to ebay_pays_my_bills
      • That's still not my name. But thanks for once again proving my point that that long ago poster, who slapped your "ebay pays my broke @ s s bills" lies out of your mouth, will own you eternally. Now if only you had the right name... and someone 100s of people were "all one poster", then you might approach sanity, except your daughter you molested and neglected would still hate you. Enjoy.

        PS: You can't afford Motel 6 and they wouldn't allow riffraff like you poisoning their bandwidth. Your location and status is fully known though, like all tagged rabid dogs that are soon to be put down.

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