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  • id_dejour id_dejour May 24, 2013 9:47 PM Flag

    Board Completely Taken Over By John Osborne, Ebay's z50com And VW's, Idiot Spamming IDs

    Note how it only takes a post or two a day to keep John Osborne, ebay's failed z50com and VW, with all his Sybil and Sullied IDs, and lurking boyfriend Flykting, spinning their public puke and hatred all day and night! It doesn't matter they have false information, it doesn't matter they lie about everyone being "all one poster", it doesn't matter that they ran all the intelligent posters off with their publicly posted death threats, and doesn't matter that John molested, abused and neglected his own daughter until she was a heroin addict felon, and then put her and her baby on the curb, where he now lives, so he could spam a chat board LYING.

    He LIES about ebay paying his bills, he lies about growing dope when he lives on the street, he LIES about the people he cyber stalks, he and his girlfriends LIE about every single thing in their lives and everything they say and do because facing the truth would destroy them. We already see it is wrecking their minds and their old man bodies are failing. These old gumming grandpa's can never hurt the people who out them. But the coolest thing of all, is that all his "team's" lies will be shoved down there throats and rot their for eternity. Everything they say will be a sigh of relief for anyone who knew them when they soon go silent. The echo of their sickness will ring in their skulls eternally, but everything they ever said will be as quickly forgotten as John's deleted posts. That is the only result and legacy they can ever have: a cold lonely rotting grave. Soon.

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    • Poor broke John Osborne, ebay's failed z50com and VW, with her Sullied IDs, trying to give herself and Old Flything a reason to even keep on existing in their endless suffering and pain. They've ran every intelligent poster away, including many of their pals, and only have year after year after year of alumni reminding them that they are useless g @ y cyber stalkers, obsessed with false information, begging for life to end.

    • Oh yeah. Nice post. Couldn't have said it better myself.

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