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  • id_dejour id_dejour May 25, 2013 9:20 PM Flag

    It's Not Really Fair Is It John Osborne Ebay's Failed z50com and VW And All Your Faggo IDs Blithering.

    It's not fair is it, poor broke John Osborne, ebay's failed z50com and VW, with her Sullied IDs? A single post makes you jabber dozens! Even on a Saturday. You're stuck without a home or income, spamming hate to made up names of long long ago posters. You always believe your own lies. Always. It's all you have left.

    All it will EVER accomplish is reminding everyone publicly that you FAIL at ebay, you are HOMELESS, and income-less. You wasted 12 years melting a chat board, while you molested and neglected your daughter until she was a heroin obsessed felon. You neglected your son and wife and now have more love for your lunch rat than your family or pals, who are all about to be flushed down the JOHN with you.

    We still have that picture of you at the Statue Of Liberty, where your bra size was bigger than your ex-wife's. Not only have you wasted 12 years trying to crush liberty for others, but you turned your wife into a bitter old skeleton, who lost her daughter, son and grand kid. Little Grand Baby Dime Bag is being raised by the state. Safely away from you.

    Your blithering at made up names will never accomplish anything but reminding people about z50com and VW, two ebay's that need burned. You have little idea of the people who will p on you, Fly's, and Sybil Sullied's homeless graves, but the line starts with your own daughter. Priceless! It is obvious you're a masochist who wants to wreck this board while you bury yourself and pals. We all see a gang of g a y b i e s with rabies who have long past their expiration dates. Pain was your choice. Cool by us!

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