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  • angel.madbezos angel.madbezos Jun 10, 2013 6:57 AM Flag

    Poster Most Likely To Say "Good Morning From Philadelphia" Sincerely

    Good morning. Ever notice how intelligent people always wake early and get more down with their day than the silly people who waste their lives filling pages and pages of a chat board with a pestering circular hatred based on false information they sadly believe. I'm so glad I don't sully my incredible mind on that. I'll have yet another enjoyable day with my wonderful family and my garden. Be thankful you don't have the public mental illnesses deeply infecting our board. Unless you do. Then ask yourself: how g @ y IS that? I hope that helps.

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    • WOW! I notice your wise intelligent posts caused another 6 page public meltdown from my fey imposter!



    • Hey Professor, you lucky dog, enjoying your restful summer. I have to settle for 10 minutes of every billable hour. At least we're not bean counters, the lowest of professions, just below phone solicitors. Did you see the latest incredible news? Check your email. The saga becomes even more absurd.

    • Sincerely LOL! My imposter slave outdid herself with pages of spam! Of course she'll blame others and continue her endless endless circles. Someone's mind is turning gangrenous right here for all to see.



      • 1 Reply to sullyinmass.2012
      • Look at your revealing psychotic break this weekend!! Will IT ever end?

        You post under everyone else's names. Your middle name is "impostor"!!

        You say "we" a lot. There is no "we" for you (by your own design). YOU chose your eternal festering loneliness, no one else. No one else. TEAM has exhausted all their resources in trying to get you better!! IT really is up to you.

        Now, only you cAN crawl your way back to decent living.
        BUT, we are here to help. Oh yes, TEAM is "at the ready" to help. Please accept this help.

        I wouldl like you to sit back and reflect on these words which I authored several years ago.

        "Many people on this board have advised you to quell your fruitless and petty needling of others. Your subscription to said advice would help this forum revert to a more impassioned yet civil atmosphere. An atmosphere where intelligent posters once again feel at ease to discuss meaningful topics. You have driven most of these posters away with your childish, mean-spirited behavior. Gone are the days of brainy discourse."

        -Sully Rules

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