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  • kfir.alfia kfir.alfia Jun 13, 2013 6:28 PM Flag

    Sorry John And I Puked Up The Board Mightily Again. Endgame Coming Ya Know

    John and I stayed up 3 nights coked up and doing each other roughly! When I see WW3 being fomented by my Israel on Syria, with the US helping Al-Qaeda rebels! When I see the US spying on everyone. When I see the US building my Israel an expensive first strike bunker, but leaving me, Alan and John out of it, I resent all the water I bailed for them. I can't believe HE shined the light of truth on our war instigating lies.

    HE completely destroyed my Protest Warriors! Especially once we met John Osborne. We don't know how much Ripples had made John crave that flag pole up his hills. We didn't know HE is so intense that HE'd destroy us all! Many people here here dressed up like HIM. We even dressed like HIM too and posted our photos online showing how mesmerized we were! Many pics. None of them are HIM. Meanwhile, he used truth and the sands of history to bury us.

    Our, and Israel's, daily aggression wrecks us. I see you let it destroy your board and credibility too. I cried all weekend long. I tried to call a dead soldier's Mom but she won't take my calls either. Is this the end of Kfir? We wallow in our end of days self destruction. Oh my minions! If you can, save a tear for me.

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