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  • id_dejour id_dejour Jul 25, 2013 10:43 PM Flag

    OMG We've Been Right About John Osborne (Johns. Joint & Sullied) Ebay's z50com and VW

    OMG! He IS the troll who has lived here 14 years LYING about his ebay sales on z50com and VW, while he neglected and molested his daughter until she was a pregnant heroin addicted teen ho and the grand baby got taken away because of John's public posts about thinking his son's Boy Scout pals were hot. Archives are so important.

    When all of John's LIES were publicly outed here, he and his abused wife, and son, and Flytktning created a "board war" and haven't shut up a single day on a made up name used by a guy who left in 2005! The FACT they sit up here everyday threatening this made up name, and fixating public hate, and dragging others into their war, instead of trying to save his heroin daughter, or lost grand kid speaks volumes, VOLUMES about what sub human losers they are. Yet, every day, babble babble babble. Weak old men like that should meet someone who can help them shake their miserable mortal coils. They will. The fact Yahoo and The NSA see their daily threats and does nothing bodes ill for the future.

    PS John, Why did you make up Kelly Industries? No activity since 2002? Sounds just like you.

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    • "He IS the troll who has lived here 14 years"

      That is what you have been doing, Charles. There is not one ounce of truth is any of your posts.
      No names have been made up. No one left. You have been here every day.

      You start this "writing", which I am answering to, and none of it makes any sense. It is as if you dropped out of grade school and missed out on some extremely pertinent lessons. You could never be expected to know how to write properly when you never learned! You refuse any help with your limited writing knowledge. Just move on. Or, try some online grammar and spelling help.

      "The fact Yahoo and The NSA see their daily threats and does (SIC) nothing bodes ill for the (SIC) future."

      Are you trying to say, "The fact Yahoo and The NSA see their daily threats and do nothing bodes ill for their future."? Because if you are, it is barely a sentence and further, it makes no logical sense given what "Yahoo and NSA" "see" from you and all of your user names.

      Perhaps you should get away from the eBay Message board forum. You sound miserable.

    • Exactly. What we see endlessly is the bean team prattling endless circular idiocy even when no one posts to them, and when the #$%$ gets too close to burying them, Fly comes up and rallies his bean team. It would be funny if it wasn't likely to end badly. Why do they want to be so publicly sullied? They're not going unnoticed.



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