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  • flyktning_loofah flyktning_loofah Sep 8, 2013 1:21 AM Flag

    The Sad Endless Projections Of My Johie Sally Sully Osborne Go Deep. DEEP!

    Poor broke John. You didn't even know what projection was until the Professor schooled you. Here's a clue: made up names not posting reveal nothing. That MAN can afford to have us publicly broken forever! Some posters talking about you and Sally's Ripples and HIV is not talking about themselves. You will gasp alone no matter your lies. Every post you make shows you want the hard throbbing loofah pounded into us further, because at the end of the day, every day, you're up here bleating your f @ q n e s s publicly when everyone knows YOU were the only Fool dumb enough to trash your own daughter, who you abused and snitched out, and YOU are the only poster who had your grand kid yanked out of your home, and YOU are the only poster here on the Boy Scouts Of America child molester watch list. It's fun for me to ream you publicly. Nothing you ever bleat can hurt me or HIM. It's fun to see you lose your house, and know you're about to lose your trailer. It's fun for me to see you and Sally obsess on loofah's. How fun it must be for you to be fublicly plucked. So many see z50com and VWs no ebay sales. End game? Soon.

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    • Charles, why do you want to be my loofah? Are you jealous of its pokography? I made that word up. Don't forget to mention San Rafael in your answer and how you know so much more. (Pssst. Nobody reads what you write except about four of us.)

      Sentiment: Sell

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      • Hey imposter Flything. No one is impressed you make up words when your little pocket elike was so pathetic women took your wife. Small wonder your beans are so bitter, ignored, shriveled and lonely. Small wonder indeed.

      • Poor Aunt Flyktning! My how you fixate and hate, endlessly for a decade, along with my failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy, John Osborne z50com and VW, and Aunt Sully SEN ("4 of us", uh huh, my are those the cool kids or what?) over a poster who left in 2005. HE can afford to have posters remind everyone that you're a sitting duck in downtown San Rafael. Do you really think people would want you doing their taxes if they knew the real you? Why did you help my failed Daddy failed Grand Dad molest me, and why do you keep on shoveling dirt on your loooooong failed board war? That loofah sure scours you. I'm betting the stains will come completely out soon.

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