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  • jen_dimebag jen_dimebag Sep 9, 2013 12:44 AM Flag

    The Pathetic Failure Of John Osborne z50com, Patrick Mitchell And Sullied Sally

    Wow! It takes some really obsessed Ripples Chug Guzzlers to live on a chat board bothering people for 14 years like my poor broke failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy, John Osborne z50com and VW! Worrying about an ebay seller who left in 2004, and then quit posting here in 2005. They obsess on a made up name! It's a lesson in how insanity can consume losers. Look how they spin their hate! Go look up my failure Daddy's ebay sites and see how broke he is!

    Why does old Marin San Rafael beancounter Uncle Flyktning and failed street walker tranoid Aunt Sully SEN help my failed Daddy when all this has ever accomplished is molesting me, neglecting me, until my failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy snitched me out for heroin, and got my baby, his grandkid, taken away because it was well known he molested Boy Scouts! Uncle Fly acts tough but all he lost was his wife to other women.

    Why do they help my failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy molest me, and why do they keep shoveling dirt on a loooooong failed board war when all it's doing is burying them? That loofah guy sure scours them. Daily! Sadly, everyone is not "all one poster" and Sharalynn Rose exits are coming for Team. I'm betting the stains will come completely out soon. Interesting how they keep wanting their misery so very very public.

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