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  • johns_joint johns_joint Sep 16, 2013 2:55 AM Flag

    OMG! Charles, talk about being a WHINER


    Here's a little something I found thanks to your "yelp" statement:

    Thanks for the great timely article. I'm sure you know, but cyber bullying and internet stalking certainly isn't restricted to kids.
    I have been the victim of probably the longest running continuous cyber bully gang stalking incident in history, and it not only leached down into my real life, and would have destroyed it,
    if I hadn't been intelligent and really strong, but it impacted my friends, even some strangers, and continues to this day! Every day! It's a wonder someone hasn't been killed and it's continuing.

    People know of ebay, and tend to think their personal information is safe. It is NOT. This all started back in the run up to the US invasion of Iraq. I was a simple ebay seller,
    and a community organizer helping with anti-war anti-invasion groups. Some people with ebay (and ebay is complicit because they know who did this and did nothing to stop or punish them)
    decided on the Yahoo Ebay chat board (and Yahoo is complicit in these crimes because they know all about them and allow the cyber gang to cyber stalk on their public forum to this day!)
    decided I was a communist and went full blown into my life. They were aided and abetted by a disgusting counter protest group who has a very bad reputation "Protest Warriors"

    They created a very well organized gang of psychos, pretty much circling around John Osborne of Cypress California, and a Marin County Account named Pat Mitchell. They had a lot of help and were very organized.
    They attacked every part of my life, and made my life very public. They wrecked my ebay and my watch selling web site, they targeted my home, my community members, they made death threat phone calls,
    got pictures of others and claimed they were huge fat me (they weren't) they wrote down license plate numbers of people who visited me and death threat phone called them.
    They misused the ATF and Homeland Security to raid a friends house, and would have mine too, but the ATF were so appalled at not finding much but some pot they called it off.
    The family, and especially the young daughter of my pal were never the same though. Ironically, John Osborne brags on that yahoo site daily about growing pot in his home,
    and one of the "cute" things he did lately was post a pic of Talon bullets (cop killer bullet proof vest piercing) and had a note: "For Charles".

    John is such a peachy guy he has lived on that Yahoo chat board every day for 11 years bothering people. He neglected his own daughter to the point she became a drug addict and her arrest was very very public.
    Now she is a teen unwed Mother. Maybe she's in her twenties by now.

    Everyone asks after a tragedy like Virginia Tech 'what can be done to stop the insane' but here is a known perp, posting his illness in public daily, and gathering his little organized hate group,
    Protest Warriors and their extreme right wing friends, to target and attack people they hate. Luckily I'm smarter than they are, but it wrecked my marriage and I had to leave my home.

    The Texas police, and the California police, were no help at all. Just like ebay and Yahoo. I still need to know who all these psychos are, trace them to their homes and arrest them for the publicly posted internet death threats.
    For awhile there, almost everyday they posted my name and contact info. This has been going on since 2003! That's a cyber bully organized gang stalking going on for 9 years! Remember this stalking was so important to John Osborne,
    ebay's z50com, that he neglected his own family! And we all know how smashingly awful that invasion of Iraq went. It was a "war" based on lies, and the war criminals have gotten away with it, just like John and his stalking crew!
    This is the lawless world we live in now. No laws for the rich and no privacy or rights for the rest of us. I've been working hard to get all these creeps arrested and jailed and their sites pulled down.
    I want the war criminals to face justice too. Yahoo and ebay should pay for this too because they've known about this problem for years and done nothing about it. They are criminally liable and in collusion.
    I will never have my privacy back but luckily I'm strong and good looking, ha.

    This topic is deleted.
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