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  • a_car_however_fine a_car_however_fine Oct 6, 2013 12:12 PM Flag

    The Never Ending "Stuck In Neutral" Endless Circular Melt Of Broke John Osborne z50com and VW

    It gets so hard for Johnie to make up more and more IDs to fight his long lost board war! It appears dozens are on his side, but no man would help him live in publicly displayed filth and poverty after trashing his very own molested family, and living here as a public display of insanity for 14 years.

    His only friend, Flyktning, gave his own wife up to Lesbianos being this pathetic, and Sally, born pathetic with no relationships to lose. Meanwhile, Madbezos and HE lives a great life. We woke up and made love today. While more coffee brews, I laugh at the incurable mental illness on display.

    Could you somehow be MORE enslaved by Madbezos and HIM? Did you know it's a tax deductable to hire people to bother you? Something about 'dog walking' and pet maintenance. Beep beep! Maseratis are fired up to scream through a beautiful Sunday! While you sit and melt........

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