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  • contentsmatters contentsmatters Oct 17, 2013 8:54 AM Flag

    Shipping Fees=The Knockout Punch

    Under John Donahue the selling experience began collapsing. What Donahue has never understood is that the buying experience directly relates to the selling experience. When sellers are happy, they're better sellers and this carries over to the buying experience. But when many or most of ebay sellers are mad due to rising fees, it negatively carries over to the buying experience. Since Donahue got to Ebay, buyers have had to deal with millions of angry sellers; many of whom began cheating on the grading of their used items, since the better the grade, the higher the price. To make up for Donahue's greed in fee hikes, many more sellers began cheating. This chased away millions of buyers. Or sellers began taking their time in shipping or skimping on packing material to save money. As Ebay took more of the sellers profits, sellers scrambled to find ways to recover their lost profits.

    And the knockout punch to the miseries of selling came 3 years ago when Ebay made the outrageous money grab of taking 10% of the buyers shipping money. Suddenly buyers would pay shipping and ebay would grab 10%; leaving sellers to either lose money on shipping or raise their price which led to more miserable sellers and higher priced items; both of which are negatives for buyers. As Xmas approaches, Amazon has changed nothing over the years, so it's doubtful their forecast will be as bad as Ebays. Time will tell, but only when selling on ebay gets better, will the buyers come back. Look for ebay to lose 10% by next week

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