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  • madbezos.angels madbezos.angels Oct 28, 2013 9:40 AM Flag

    Good Morning From Authentic Philadelphia! No Place For Imposters Though They Try And Try And Cry

    It's such a luxury to wake up late on the last day of my super long weekends, and enjoy a wonderful home cooked breakfast with my beautiful and kind extended family, and then later, enjoy some wonderful chilly fall weather activities together. It's a nice luxury to be a full tenured Professor, erudite, handsome and loved, who unfortunately spins a little Team of imposters and board #$%$ who need to dress in their Daddy's clothes and IDs, year after year, while pretending they even have a reason to exist on Earth in the first place, while every day they publicly destroy their own credibility and families, worrying about meaningless things like a sslipped key or long sentences, as they blather and bloviate and fritter and frap over the dumbest of things, while their daily actions cause their very own neglected and abused families to leave their houses of abuse and run on and on and on, so I think this week, should it prove to be a melting one, would be a great time to repost some of The Board's Best Author, the amazing original authentic Doctor Clarify/Bush To Go (not the childishly illiterate imposter of late) posts. The unfortunate spammers who live here in the past should be allowed to soak in the mess of a board they have made, until very wrinkled. I hope that helps.

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