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  • all_one_poster all_one_poster Nov 2, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    The Bitterness of the NARU

    I've heard nothing on Earth is as bitter as the Ebay NARU

    You can't buy or sell a NARU, it has to be EARNED the old fashion way by lying cheating and stealing

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    • Not true. Many honest, reputable sellers have been bitten by the DSR bug. The only cure for the DSR bug is to sell in volume like eBay favorites Toys 'R Us, Best Buy, Levi's etc (who all have horrible feedback but miraculous DSR ratings) ...

      With your selling volume, one or two childish buyers over the course of a year could end your career in minutes. Careful what you say John, your end on eBay is only a few clicks away.

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      • Master, that is so TRUE

        But being the GOOD person I am and the fact the Ebay account in question is really Mrs. Osborne's

        Why would anyone do that?

        We're the kind of seller a buyer hopes to get.

        No BS or lame excuses, just real American made tools that work!

        And besides, we've never refused a return for refund.

        Ebay's not the best place on Earth but I sure can think of worse

        Heck, even Charles hasn't done that and we've been warring for what? 10 years now. . .

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