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  • logicfence logicfence Dec 17, 2013 11:11 AM Flag

    Why Would Ebay Be Slipping At The Holidays? With $60 Nowhere In Sight.

    Why would ebay be slipping like this during the Christmas holidays while out of both sides of its mouth it tries to claim record sales while the paid pumpers keep claiming it will be $60 and day? It pulled a nicely manipulated pump yesterday. Was that just a way for insiders to dump for some profit at your expense? It has been done many times before. Clearly, the paid pumpers are lying! Only very troubled stocks would act this way at its peak sales season.

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    • Never has a thread been so prescient for so long. It speaks volumes about the true long term viability of ebay as a long term "investment". One has to ride the pumps and time the dumps to make money here. Such obvious ongoing fraud cannot bless ebay in the long run.

    • March 11. No $60 in sight! Why is it only liars, pumpers, psychos, snitches and daughter snitches claimed ebay was going to $60? Shouldn't they be held accountable? Ian suggests a test where 2 or more of them vanish this month, and see if it doesn't straighten up this place. One already is gone. Tangled web they weaved! LOL!



    • March 10 easy money! I cannot think of a single time the (authentic original) Doctor Clarify Handbook has ever let us down. I would much rather have incredible shorting profits than the record number of melt posts here. Fact! Bank it!

    • It's Feb 4th and I STILL don't see $60. What I do see is the mother of all dumps ahead, and a massive level of FED quantitative easing making a $9 "stock" have $50 in front of it. Huge investors tend to just park money here because there is generally just a dollar or two movement either way. Other huge investors make micro trades flipping back and forth a few cents to a dollar a share either way. Until the music stops, and all these investors will they see they have no chair. Ebay pays no dividend, is way overpriced, as a stock and site, and the site is as relevant and popular and as beta tapes. Alumni is happy with its investment moves. The fall from $59 will be staggering and unrecoverable for ebay, but proper timing can allow the intelligent to short profits into the bank all the way down. Has there been anyone who had a more profound impact on ebay how how to profitably trade it than the great original Doctor Clarify? Note a small broke 'team' will flail about in 100s if IDs trying to disagree while making that point while they continue to not make a penny. Fact.

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      • With all this massive manipulation, why is ebay still teasing investors with $60, yet never reaching it? Everyone knows they're going to wake up and see a 3-5 drop, then lather, rinse, repeat. That is all ebay does anymore and everyone with half a brain sees it. Why do the broke pumpers keep on chattering their madness in public? They don't make a penny on any more. If spams were pennies they could buy daily coffee. But they can't. Fact.

      • Haha! Everyone knows it's March 4. I just wanted to make sure the hater biatches broke pumpers were reading and hanging onto my every factual word. They will sweat that purposeful typo all day long while adults make money and laugh at them. 'Team' is easily played... they're played out.

    • Feb 3 2014. I spy, with my little eye, well it SURE AIN't $60. Or $59. Will 'team' melt $58 away? Questions?

    • Yawn! Feb 25th. On the backside profits from yet another very predictable ebay pump and dump. I hope ebay insiders are happy continually ripping off its own long investors but someday market managers for the huge institutional investors are going to actually look at this stock and see it's just a pump and dump, and from then on it will just be a dump. Why would ebay shaft its longs like this? While subjecting them to a decade of spamming idiots posting 'rainbow' related #$%$ posts while chattering 60, 60, 60? No 60 in sight. LOL!

    • Your extremely popular post shows that many investors know the truth about ebay being a pump and dump. A few years ago, when we had a SEC, trading rules, and actual oversight into the FED's quantitative easing of manipulating the market, ebay would be taken to task and adjusted far downward. The funniest part, my free speech poster children all think they hold ebay up by daily spamming, but their daily spew only revealed who they are and who they work for. Imagine how his earlier silence would have kept John's horrid secrets. Just saying.

    • Feb 17. More very predictable and very profitable action. No point ending enjoyable long weekends when the shorting profits practically walk themselves into the bank. So easy. So consistent. So predictable.

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      • Yawn! Feb 19. Back after a relaxing afternoon nap, I see my bank account got a heaping helping of easy and very predictable shorting profits! I'm so rich now I barely work two days a week. I deserve that though. Perfectly entitled to it.

      • Facts and truth is always something my pitiful free speech poster children just can't wrap their old diseased Ripples lips around. Their sociopath minds allow them to ignore their actions, while they project someone else doing them. But hey, Jennifer Nicole did not snitch out herself. And she and Grand Baby Dime Bag did not choose to be molested and abandoned. No other poster could ever top that sickness. My free speech poster children rule.

    • An endless factual and accurate post. Multiple melts are no match for truth and facts.

    • Hey Logic. Valentine's Day. I am very very happy with our strategy. The authentic (not the 'tard melting here) Doctor Clarify Playbook has been too correct too often, and I'm so thankful to be rich and have these long relaxing weekends at the lake with the Mrs. Life is good for those not spamming hate and lies on "team" of fools. People simply make their own fate and when life hands them such obvious pain, they should get far quieter so people don't laugh at them. Simple really.

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