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  • fellow.professor fellow.professor Feb 19, 2014 11:08 AM Flag

    In The Entire History Of Alumni. Never A Snitched Out Daughter. Never Once. Your Home?

    Alumni generally come from the better families and trace our lineages back many many generations. We've had to send a few of our children, and a far larger number of our students to rehab, but never once did it ever occur to anyone to snitch them to the police. Does that make us better people? Yes. Bust one of many many reasons. Yes.

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    • It has bean very regrettable to me that I bitterly tried to raise my bean team instead of joining alumni. Free speech is alive and well. Some work it, some get flushed out of houses and get it worked on them. Those are the ones who Ripple and spittle all day in 1000s of IDs. There seems to bean no cure. Except one.

    • The fact alumni are better than 'team' in every way goes without saying. Otherwise, why would they obsess and call so much undo attention to their snitching Rippled like proclivities? Their endless circles are like an albatross, or noose, around team's chubby little necks. Look at them point to themselves! Too funny!

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