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  • logicfence logicfence Mar 24, 2014 9:34 AM Flag

    Ebay Floundering Since Christmas. Still No $60 In Sight. Likely Won't Be. Ebay Isn't Worth It.

    I see the most popular post here in years was too much truth for some, but hiding, or deleting that post does not hide the facts that ebay has floundered since before last Christmas and their army of paid pumping liars cannot help it have any tangible value. Ebay is an institution's trap. Real investors don't waste money on an endless pump and dump stock. They don't waste time investing in a place that can't even keep idiots from wrecking their own board. Ebay itself is FULLY represented by these broke idiots living here. Live and learn. Investors are finding the exits on this useless no dividend no future "stock". Now get busy and hide that post until I post it again.

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    • June 24: Yawn! Another predictable ebay mud slide on its true believers. Everyone knows "red sky in morning, sailors take warning" but the real warning on ebay has accumulated over years of bold public proof that ebay cares not a whit about its sellers, buyers and especially its investors. This "stock" is the most manipulated and untethered to any real value stock ever. Look how they're reduced to having Johnie Ripples Osborne z50com up here 247 trying to say everything is fine when his site is so broken he has to live with his Mother In Law. Proof of a truly ignorant stock is Paypal flying Johnie's Ripples flag. End of case. Take this thing to the 30s and see if anyone anywhere even cares.

    • Yawn! June 23. I'm up too early for the beautiful sunrise. No point cutting another great weekend short, as ebay is continuing its slow motion terminal collapse. First rule of holes: quit digging yourself deeper with lies and liars ebay. Now back to our "ebay just lost $49 program"........ LOL!

    • EBAY is dead money for investors. Has been for years. The only way to make money on EBAY stock is to trade is and make a few bucks up and down. It's the classic chaneling stock. See it for what it is. Don't invest in it. Just trade it.

    • June 20th. "I love the smell of napalm in the [Friday] morning. Afternoon even more so! Ebay can't even cry uncle anymore as Alumni has decided it needs adjustment. You can only lie to and manipulate a stock so much, then justice and word of mouth steps in to seal that.

    • June 19th. Yawn. Ebay still floundering in its 'keep $49' project but nothing to cut a great week of sailing short to worry over. Further ebay decline is inevitable. Sometimes, one just gets too rich to care anymore about ebay.

    • Yawn! June 18, the most predictable manipulation stock of all time continues its desperate (with tepid results) pump for $50, which will only lead to another dump destroying $49. On and on and on. No point cutting into any fine sailing weather relaxation. Ebay is very desperate right now and it shows. Just the facts. Enjoy. With $50 gone, we can all see what lying weasels those spamming about $60 were. Why would they do that? They have no investments in anything but their own endless pain. Why would they feel the need to pout it out here? Odd. All a visible part of ebay's terminal desperation.

    • June 17: Yawn, no need to end another great extended weekend on the lake just because ebay's futilely trying a little pump. Though it looks weak, ebay is throwing out all the stops trying to hold $49, because it knows how weak it will look if it doesn't. Sadly, ebay is just that weak. Given all its ongoing issues, the days of $49 might look good in hindsight. Might look very good indeed. One thing certain. Those calling for $60 were lying through their gums. Personally I think it was another orifice they used. Obvious scammers. Who happen to spam and just love ebay no matter all the worsening issues. Hmmmmm. No mystery as to their source.

    • June 16, Yawn! No need to cut short another enjoyable weekend just because ebay is showing its usual spent weakness and floundering. This isn't the big haircut that is long long overdue. Remember, the pump and dump queen of internet "stocks" still has a lot of investor tricks up its sleeve. Just saying...

    • June 11: A little bit of ebay fake out green manipulation down here in the lower 48s but the cat is OUT OF THE BAG on ebay's endless stock games and pointing the finger at Icahn for insider trading, or ebay's yet another in a string of security breaches only shows ebay's extreme manipulation and lack of security. If ebay longs think a long overdue slide will stop at 48 then I bet they can't be helped by reality.

    • June 10th, Ebay's incredible collapse continues unabated. All easily predicted, time and again by this thread. It is simply gravity's impact on an incredibly manipulated and pumped and dumped "stock" once the lies have been outed and the flimsy supports kicked out from under it. The authentic original Doctor Clarify Playbook was correct, always has been, and Alumni profited by telling the truth, as 'team' wallowed in its endless spamming pumping lies. It simply is a better board now that people are kicking liars to the curb. Good time for 'team' to go try to salvage what's left of his family, that is, if Mommy In Law will loan him some bus change. Just sayin'.

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