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  • stoptheinsanity2000 stoptheinsanity2000 Apr 9, 2014 5:26 PM Flag


    A Zero Feedback BUYER PURCHASES AN ITEM from a Powerseller with more than 20,000 feedbacks. HE PAYS for the item, Ebay charges the seller a Final value fee. THE SELLER ships the item to the Buyer, The tracking information shows the itemI ARRIVED IN 2 DAYS AND 14 HOURS. 4 hours after the item arrived, THE BUYER FILES A NON-RECEIPT CLAIM. EBAY/PAYPAL DEBITS THE SELLER'S PAYPAL ACCOUNT AND PLACES ALL FUNDS ASSOCIATED WITH THE SALE ON HOLD WHILE THEY "INVESTIGATE". The buyer has the item, Ebay has their fee charged and the Power seller has no item, no money and a fee to pay while he waits for an investigation of an item that has already been delivered. The POWERSELLER SENDS AN E-MAIL TO THE BUYER asking WHY DID HE FILE THE CLAIM and to please close it?, The Buyer responds by saying "You are being rude by capitailizing, I don't like that and I am going to report you to Ebay". A week later the case is closed and the buyer leaves a NEGATIVE FEEDBACK stating "The product is great and delivery was fast but the Seller was RUDE".......this is a real situation that Powersellers face every day and it's going to drive Ebay into the ground if .....EBAY DOES NOT FIX THIS #$%$!!!!....YOU CAN NOT ALLOW inexperienced members to dominate experienced members regardless of which one is the buyer or the seller.

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    • This will make you happy: I got sold a stolen cell phone that was listed as having a clean ESN. I contacted Sprint and they confirmed the owner was still missing his phone. So, I turned the phone in to a Sprint store and filed a complaint. The owner of the online store (WeSellCellular) said he would look into it but then said he wouldn't do anything because he didn't like the way I treated his online staff... who shipped my phone only after I reminded them it was past the ship by date. Then Ebay finds in favor of the seller. So, now I'm out the money for the phone and the phone, all for trying to do the right thing.

      Moral of the story: don't worry, sometimes the big guy still wins.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • I agree. Had the same thing happen to me except the buyer tried to go aound eBay's back and file an INR claim though Paypal even though tracking clearly showed item was delivered in both eBay and Paypal. Took 3 week for Paypal to "investigate" but the money was eventually released.

      While I know it stinks, it's really not eBay or Paypal's fault (except that they attract thieving buyers and profit from it). Just remember, when those funds are being held, they're technically on eBay's books. Gives a nice rolling boost to the bottom line.

      I did take the time to file criminal charges againt the buyer and a BBB complaint against eBay/Paypal. The buyer was arrested and is looking at 3-18 months in jail, all over a $140 game console. And, Bay did NARU his account.

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      • Ebay is in a battle with Amazon over customer service, but Ebay can't win because they don't handle any of the order processing, and it's too late to start now, they're too far behind. Leveraging (Screwing) PowerSellers is no way to compete with Amazon. They need to go back to basics. If they want to compete with Amazon, they should start another business and sell their own stuff and stop dictating and playing games (i.e blocking sellers in search). PowerSellers want their own site, they've earned the right to it.

    • Screwed? Keep screwing me, ebay.

      This Powerseller has been helped by ebay for years. They have made us millionaires.

      You sound like a disgruntled EX-SELLER.

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