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  • shamalamazoo shamalamazoo May 9, 2014 3:13 PM Flag

    ebay_emperor aka Z50com's John D. Osborne of Apple Valley California

    Seeing as you enjoy starting threads directed at other people with their name in the title, decided to return the favor and btw, I read that Forbes article, so what? Is it really necessary to make an enemy of everyone who posts on this board? You're sure doing a good job of it.

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    • @flyktning - This post had absolutely nothing to do with you. I posted this because ebay_emperor ( John Osborne wacko) keeps posting threads with my screenname in the title, obviously to irk me, so I'm giving him a taste of his own medicine. You can kindly poke your nose out of this.

    • You got it wrong. That was Charles who named me in the thread. Is it really that hard to wrap your mind around the concept of Charles spending all day here attacking John and Sully and me using an incredible plethora of names? I am not asking you to take sides; I am asking you to avoid taking sides as you did with the post to which I am replying. The last bozo who got involved and couldn't figure it out put Charles up to the notion of attacking me on Yelp. So Charles did, 19 times now. But Yelp seems to have figured him out. This is my last message to you at least until you get a handle on things.

      Sentiment: Sell

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      • No, you're the one who has it wrong. Read your own post, it reeks of dementia and paranoia. If you have some business on Yelp, I pity anybody who does business with you. Only YOU are to blame for getting yourself involved in some messageboard flame war and exposing your offline identity. Also, it seems as if YOU are the ONE who doesn't know when to shut the heck up. Again, read your post.

      • Poor Flybaby... why won't anyone ever join your bean team? You publicly begging to get more pain? Sad. John has really outed everything about you. Cool.

      • Poor Flything! There is no one by that name here and at what point will your foolish stupid @ EVER get tired of blaming all your problems on some long ago poster? You are only getting the free speech back that you always encouraged. Why is it so wrong now? No old poster is attacking you and your 'bean team'. If you can't take the heat quit making delusional ego bloated posts. Since you hate to have your Patrick Mitchell San Rafael CPA @ outed has it ever occurred to get over other peoples names? Your stalking has only brought you pain. You have not seen anything yet. Your Yelp reviews are/were accurate and it was a travesty that you can manipulate Yelp but when they see your own public posts.... just saying......

    • Thank you! I can't get enough attention. My attention is going viral! As are all my diseases. Unfortunately, you will again hear from my boyfriend Flyktning and the rest of 'team' will now single you out. You have possibly guaranteed a HUGE weekend speeeeeeeeeew. Lock down your doors, windows and info. Just saying.

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