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  • sullyinmass.2014 sullyinmass.2014 Jul 12, 2014 1:48 PM Flag

    No Rest For The Wicked "Team After Another Of Their Smolderingmary Slips. Melt Continues

    The poor broke lost 'team' melts because that's all they have. The puke they swallow in their throat endlessly, the puke rolling down their #$%$, and of course, all they let linger in their sullied drawers as their only friend in life, the only warm comfort and almost human contact they get in their lives. I see my imposter is still utterly confused that people who observe evidence are not the people showering with men, like poos sullied does. You shouldn't have asked or told Sullied. No real shame in that, jUST shame that you melt and spew up this board with your Sandusky ways. No future in that. No future for 'team', except below. What does Flything thing of your Smolderingmary slips? Why we all see he approves of anything you do of course! You all will roast in hades together soon like an Apple Valley Bar-b-q. LOL!



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