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  • shamalamazoo shamalamazoo Jul 14, 2014 9:58 PM Flag

    Is Charles Truly GOD, Jehovah, Allah, The Almighty ?????

    Evidently, according to John Osborne, this "Charles" person is ominipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. He must be God !!!

    Notice, I used three commas in the title. That symbolizes the holy trinity of Charles, Chuck and Chuckie.

    Bow down now ye heathens and humble yourselves before your God, the almighty !!

    We are ALL ONE POSTER !!!

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    • Yes, HE has controlled many of their useless minds. HE creates memes that live inside their hive criminal minds, tossing and turning all night, screaming out HIS made up name (it's right outta the phone book dude) then waking in the cold sweat of their Flyktning loofah throbbing up inside them, while team pitters, patters and jibber jabbers all day every day for over 12 years. HE was other people, HE was his fictional name, and now HE Is anyone, dare I say anyone, who uses commas, because it takes commas to make communism! At least Comm, u, nis,m. Only a half wit (if you spot him over a quarter wit) John Osborne would sign up for untrustworthy and very unsecure ebay in their real name. Just look how ebay information is misused here! It's astounding investors would tolerate this. Whoops, look like their not.

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