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  • mssrRabelais mssrRabelais Sep 30, 1998 1:00 PM Flag


    ALL internet stocks are hyped and over valued!!!
    The point is how can you make money off of that
    knowledge. Ebay is profitable so it won't go away for a
    while. They have a good service and the word is
    spreading. The job is to guess not what ebay is actually
    worth (no where near it's current price by conventional
    valuations) but what it will perceived to be worth by future
    investers. As long as ebay users think "hey, this is a great
    service! I want a piece of the action" then the price will
    go up, else ...

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    • <EOM>

    • have today to enjoy and but, rest of the week before Friday belongs to shorts!

    • <EOM>

    • AOL P/E 159, EBAY P/E 10900. WHAT A BUBBLE.

    • EBAY P/E 10900, AOL P/E 159.

    • PR Newswire - August 16, 1999 08:17

      Available, Pagers That Allow eBay Users to Check Their
      Auctions While On-the-Go

      SAN JOSE, Calif. and
      JACKSON, Miss., Aug. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- eBay (Nasdaq:
      (, the world's leading
      person-to-person online trading community, and SkyTel

      Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: SKYT) ( announced
      today the availability of
      two new eBay-branded
      pagers from SkyTel featuring "eBay a-go-go(TM)," a new
      service that
      allows users to receive updates on their
      eBay auctions via pagers. "eBay a-go-go" and the
      pagers can be ordered online at, which is also accessible from links and

      banners on

      (Photo: )

      "'eBay a-go-go' allows our community
      members to receive information on their auctions

      wherever that person might be," said Brian Swette, senior
      vice president of marketing at eBay.
      "Users no
      longer need to be tied to their computers to find out if
      they have won that antique
      vase that would be the
      perfect addition to their 18th century vase collection."

      One of the two new pagers, manufactured by
      Cirkisys, is offered in the vibrant eBay colors of
      yellow, and blue, features the eBay logo, and is
      available for $75. The second is a
      Wordline FLX by
      Motorola, a black pager that features the eBay logo. Both
      pagers function as
      regular SkyTel pagers, and
      include activation and six months of service (2,000
      message units).

      "eBay a-go-go" is a service
      available on the new pagers and can be added to any
      device capable of receiving text messages and
      that has an Internet email address. The "eBay a

      go-go" service sends alerts to eBay users when they have
      won an item, been outbid on an
      auction or sold an
      item on eBay. Users will also be able to receive
      broadcast messages from
      eBay about events and features.

      "We are pleased to offer this revolutionary
      service to the eBay community," said Kerry
      SkyTel's vice president for marketing. "The eBay pager is
      the ultimate tool for users
      who want to stay
      updated on their auctions while going about their daily
      lives. eBay users now
      have the ability to be updated
      on the status of their auctions while grocery
      shopping, working or
      playing golf."

    • Net advertising picks up in July

      By Bambi
      Francisco, CBS MarketWatch
      Last Update: 1:33 AM ET Aug
      17, 1999

      SAN FRANCISCO (CBS.MW) -- Internet
      stocks could be poised for another positive day Tuesday
      as the latest reading on the health of online
      advertising activity shows signs of improvement.
      advertising rose 7.4 percent in July, according to
      Nielsen/Net Ratings, Inc.'s Internet Advertising Index. This
      nearly doubles the rate of growth achieved in

      "It's encouraging to see that the online
      advertising market is robust.

    • giant gets a new brain ?

    • EBAY is likely to be scapegoat in downdraft market, it will be bloody down ride today....

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