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  • nippyjun nippyjun Oct 1, 1998 2:33 PM Flag

    And another thing...


    1. eBay has survived many other
    auction houses that have tried to compete. Most
    them failed, one or 2 were purchased by eBay.

    2. There is room for more of the same, but free
    auctions are not the same and
    allow for a lot more
    instability in pricing, security, etc.

    3. Onsale is a
    completely different auction. They sell their own items,
    much like from egghead. Ebay is
    very unique in it's auction model. They
    have been
    finetuning the process for 3 years. It wouldn't be easy for
    a newcommer
    to duplicate the results. eBay's
    word of mouth growth is incredible and getting

    stronger. I've personally turned on so many people to their
    site, each of them have
    done the same, and the
    cycle continues.

    4. Look at They
    were touted as THE competitor to eBay last year.

    They don't have fees, people list items at too high a
    price, the site doesn't grow.

    5. eBay's pact
    with AOL is very substantial. EBay has that friendly,
    easy to use
    feel that AOL has and it already has a
    large amount of AOL'ers (not me of course)
    many more on the way. As AOL grows, which it will,
    eBay will grow even

    Finally, I
    would never think that competition would effect eBay.
    They are already
    profitable, unlike most other
    online stocks. They will continue to increase
    at the same pace for a long time. Like I said
    before I've been with them since they
    were free 3
    years ago, and I follow their growth every day. I've
    sold many items
    there and have written the book as
    I mentioned before too. Many of my "students"

    have follow in my footsteps and have made eBay a
    part-time or full time business.

    If you are new to
    the company don't judge it based on market "guru's".
    Talk to
    eBay users. Go to the site and check out
    the "chat" boards. Ask the users what
    they think,
    especially the users with a lot of feedback who have been
    with eBay
    for a long time.

    I can't
    emphasize more how impressed and proud I am of the site.
    From nothing to
    a public company with a million
    registered users in 3 years is phenomenal.

    other thing that i just remembered is
    They are a free auction
    as well. Check them out
    and compare and you will see a night and day


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    • I have been selling on eBay for two years. It is
      an incredible tool for the collector who wants to
      find and sell items that need a national audience to
      be appreciated.
      I have sold 100's of items and
      paid hundreds of dollars to eBay with no complaints on
      their service or innovations.
      But a few months ago,
      I discovered the dark side of eBay.
      encourages the sale and visual presentation of any material
      regardless of how offensive or repulsive the material.
      part of Ebay's thriving business is the sale of
      videos, magazines and devices promoting and portraying
      oral/anal sex, bondage, sadism, and every other conceivable
      pornographic sexual depiction.
      When questioned about this,
      eBay management said they do not practice censorship
      and that they do not allow child pornography. The
      fact is that eBay censors material all the time,
      material they choose not to sell because it does not fit
      into a category they choose to promote.
      Can anyone
      tell me why this great company feels the need to mess
      with this stuff that promotes an industry that
      indirectly affects my family negatively.

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