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  • marlinon marlinon Oct 4, 1998 12:27 AM Flag

    E-Bay will Have a MAJOR competitor soon!

    I have knowledge of a NEW On-Line Auction site
    that will be Launching in about 3 months.From what I
    hear it will Change the On-Line Auction Market
    Completely. E-Bay owns 90% of the industry... for about 12
    more weeks.

    Keep on eye out for a BIG new Kid
    on the Block, and We're not Talking about Times
    Warners terrible attempt called Auction Universe.

    For those that are conceding that Yahoo's free
    Auctions will hurt the Pay sites.. You could not be more
    incorrect. Yahoo Auction is a Breeding ground for Scam
    Artists. There is NO control over Users, Buyers, Sellers
    etc.. No validation of users information..NOTHING..
    People feel more secure buying and selling on sites that
    offer security, and charge fees for sellers to be
    there. It tells the Buyers taht the sellers are

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    • Nothing changes. People have been saying this from 10/04/98. Secret knowledge, new innovations, etc. Even ebay's backgrounds haven't changed since '98.

    • Ebay has the market, any new auctions have to
      play catch-up. This means big expenses in advertising
      for a long time. eBay has millions of registered
      users, and they are loyal. Thousands of the sellers have
      long positive feedback lists (500 or more comments),
      why would they switch to another auction site and
      start over? Their reputation is already built at eBay.
      The point is that eBay is easy to use, low on
      graphics (faster), has fair prices, and everyone that uses
      auctions already has them bookmarked. Even if a new
      super-duper auction comes on the scene in three months, eBay
      will have another 200,000 registered users by that
      Having a head-start is the name of the game on the
      internet. eBay has it, everyone else is way down the list.
      New auctions can not break eBay through advertising
      and offering free services, and they will never be as
      big. eBay is one of the few sites on the internet
      making a profit, go ahead and invest in Yahoo and
      Onsale, how are they going to pay dividends to
      shareholders by having free auctions? What is the

      Want to blow your mind? Take a look here: . Where else have you seen cars up for auction by

      Good luck investing in free auction sites.

      • 1 Reply to mitchellsk
      • I would NEVER invest or Support a FREE auction
        Site. They Are Breeding grounds for Fraud and Scam
        artists. Yes, E-Bay has the market..for Now. You would be
        amazed at How Many of their so called "Loyal" users, are
        FED-UP with them. The time is ripe for a Worthwhile
        Competitor, problem is Nobody has been able to pull it off.
        Not the Little guys that have tried, and not even a
        Big Company Like Times Mirror, whose failed attempt
        at the Auction market with "Auction Universe", which
        is a total Bomb. It's only a matter of time before
        someone gets it rite, and beleive me when they do, the
        Game will Change.

        There are THOUSANDS of E-Bay
        Users that will Run when the time is right. E-Bays Fees
        have gotten Ridiculous, and customer service is
        NON-Existant. Trust me when I tell you there are A LARGE LARGE
        number of their so called "LOYAL" users that are ready
        to Jump Ship, if given the Chance. We'll see what
        the next 3-4 months bring.

        As far as
        Shorting E-bay, Those that don't get out now, will NEVER
        re-coop. I'd bet 1 million dollars on that, tomorrow.

    • Need to ask someone in a chat room, or message board what to do with with your stock holdings, your WAY in over your head. Even worse if you pick stocks this way. Do your homework!!

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